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Bedding Manufacturer Takes a Rest from Mobility Management

Device lifecycle management and cost optimization streamline operations, generate savings
$18K Monthly Wireless Savings
$385K Total Savings in the
first 2 years
2,300 Devices with Plan Optimization and Contract Negotiation
VISIBILITY Centralized reporting and admin across service providers


Founded in the 1880’s, this client is a diversified manufacturer of bedding, seating, flooring underlayment, furniture and automotive products. They deliver products designed for consumer comfort, while generating exceptional returns for shareholders and providing quality jobs for more than 20,000 employees around the world.

The client IT team was overburdened by the task of managing more than 2,300 mobile devices, with constant device requests and change orders. Additionally, employee and device turnover was making it difficult to keep up with contract and plan management across two wireless providers.


  • Limited internal resources
  • Zero-usage device recovery
  • Moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MACDs)
  • Plan monitoring and optimization


The company enlisted vMOX to help streamline mobility operations. vMOX’s initial assessments uncovered zero-usage devices, which were disconnected, resulting in significant savings. Ongoing analysis and cost optimization continues to uncover approximately $18,000 in average monthly savings. This includes zero usage, feature removals and cancellations. In addition to monthly savings, vMOX assists with the carrier contract negotiations to ensure the client receives the best rate plans and equipment pricing.

They also utilize vMOX for ordering and procurement support, tracking devices in use and securing new ones when needed. Furthermore, all moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MACDs) are managed through vMOX’s centralized OnePortal for increased visibility and control.

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