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Agriculture Company Grows with Outsourced Enterprise Mobility Management

Calls on vMOX for device, logistics optimization
$28K Monthly Wireless Savings
1,000 Devices with Plan Optimization
2 Different providers with centralized reporting and admin
Turnkey Logistics Management


For more than 100 years, this company has been providing top-quality herb and vegetable plants to consumers all over the United States and Canada. With plant products at nurseries, hardware stores, big box stores and grocery stores, they rely on field associates to conduct ongoing quality assurance checks on inventory—a process that’s vital to company operations.

A hasty attempt to procure all-new Zebra-type devices (rugged, handheld scanning devices) resulted in a purchasing process that began to cause the company a little heartburn. The company didn’t have the personnel to distribute the devices or the expertise to get them up and running efficiently. To solve these problems, they enlisted vMOX (as a referral from another agriculture client) to help get the new devices online, in the hands of employees and working properly.



  • Bringing a thousand rugged, handheld field devices online
  • Carrier plan selection and negotiation 
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization


vMOX distributed the devices to all of the client’s stations quickly and efficiently and worked with the company to implement an ongoing logistics management strategy. Additionally, vMOX’s carrier relationships and negotiation expertise optimized plans for the handheld field devices. These optimizations and vMOX’s specialized knowledge, patented technology and automated processes helped the client realize $28,000 in monthly enterprise mobility savings.

vMOX also identified a SIM-card replacement that helped them tackle the mobility coverage problem that plagues many agriculture and manufacturing customers, rural offices and/or worksites. The new SIM cards boosted rural coverage, amped up device reliability and enhanced the team’s collaboration abilities.

Today, vMOX operates as a true partner to this client, serving as an extension of its team and providing enterprise mobility consulting and process improvement advice on an ongoing basis. The company has clear visibility and centralized management of the devices that vMOX is managing via OnePortal and can focus on business growth and outcomes with confidence that logistics, inventory and plan optimization are being completely— and expertly—managed.

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