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International Art Gallery Cuts Mobility Spend While Increasing Line Count

Saves 45% with no service disruptions or provider changes
45% Monthly Wireless Savings
$225K Annual Wireless Savings
50% Reduction in Avg. Cost Per Device
10% Line count increase


A world renowned international art gallery, with 16 exhibition spaces in seven countries, wanted to get a better handle on their mobility environment, and especially on their costs. They had 140 mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and air cards, in service, and their cost per line averaged almost $200 over the past six months, due in large part to international calling charges.

The nature of their business required frequent international travel by employees, so most of their smartphone and tablets were provisioned with international calling plans. Despite their best efforts to balance their call plans internally, they regularly exceeded their usage allotments and incurred significant overage charges.


  • Average cost per line increasing month over month
  • Large, but inconsistent, amount of international travel by employees
  • Limited internal resources


After analyzing six months of the client’s cellular invoices and travel records, the vMOX team uncovered some significant savings opportunities that could be enacted quickly, without contract renegotiation and with no impact to end users.

Plan Adjustments and Pooling

The client subscribed to numerous usage plans with their primary provider, but as user’s calling patterns changed, adjustments were not made to follow suit. Using past usage history, our team leveraged vMOX’s proprietary carrier rate plan database to select plans that better accommodated the specific needs of each user.

Enacting usage pooling across all plans allowed heavy users to be balanced with light ones each month, minimizing overages and maximizing savings. Approximately half of the savings delivered by vMOX to date is due to these plan changes.


Our bill analysis determined that most of the client’s devices were provisioned with international plans and features, whether the user traveled or not. Moving users to more appropriate international plans based on scheduled travel itineraries ensured that the client would only be paying for capabilities they actually need. This change resulted in over $4,000 in savings in the first month.

Unused Services

We also uncovered numerous unused ‘zero usage’ lines on the client’s invoices, as well as some unnecessary features, including device insurance, roadside assistance, extra data storage and voicemail. Removing these items saved the client $4,000 in the first month, and an additional $1,000 in each subsequent month.

After Contract Renewal

This client started realizing significant savings on their mobility environment just one month into their engagement with vMOX. As time went on, the vMOX team gained a better understanding of the client’s calling habits and the savings percentage continued to increase, despite the fact that the client was adding a few new lines each month. Overall, the client averaged 45% savings each month, which equates to an annualized savings of almost a quarter of a million dollars. And the average cost per line decreased by almost half over the same period. Importantly, all of this savings was achieved with no service disruption to end users, no changes in provider and no
provider contract renegotiation.

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