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Global Education Company Simplifies Mobility Management

Hands-off, stress-free mobility makes the grade
42% Reduction in avg. cost per line
$2M Historic Cumulative Savings
$26K Monthly Wireless Savings
VISIBILITY Centralized Reporting and Admin Across Service Providers


This client is a leading global education company that builds trusted content, flexible tools and powerful digital platforms for educators, learners and professionals. They have more than 40 offices across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

They called upon vMOX in late 2016 to help manage its mobile devices and wireless carriers. This included more than 2,000 smartphones and tablets split across two U.S. carriers.

In lockstep with the market, the client embraced business mobility but quickly found its two-person team could not meet the company’s growing demands. The education company needed a simple, hands-off solution to streamline carrier management, device procurement, employee ordering and fulfillment. Though the company had been working with another enterprise mobility provider, they sought the features and optimization that vMOX could provide.


  • Mobile device lifecycle management 
  • Mobile device ordering and provisioning
  • Wireless cost management
  • Reporting and visibility


vMOX integrated its OnePortal mobility management platform with the client’s sourcing and procurement platform. This integration enables a simple, automated process for employees to manage device accessories, upgrades and replacements:

  1. An employee who is logged into the procurement system can connect to OnePortal to start the ordering process.
  2. Once in OnePortal, the employee can request an accessory, upgrade, or new device.
  3. After an employee request is submitted, OnePortal kicks off the approval process.
  4. If supervisors approve the employee’s request, vMOX generates a purchase order (PO).
  5. Finally, vMOX places the order with the appropriate carrier, completing the ordering process.

vMOX’s OnePortal platform makes the ordering process as painless as possible for the client team. Most of the work is automated or handled by the vMOX team. All they typically must do is approve or reject employees’ requests or review the portal analytics. Their mobility managers use the portal’s reporting to see how their employees use their corporate-owned mobile devices.

Hands-off mobility management has freed up the client’s small procurement team to focus on their other duties, confident that vMOX’s integration would keep their mobile device ordering process moving. vMOX’s lifecycle plan covers the entire mobile device ordering process, from employee onboarding to offboarding. By supporting key lifecycle portions, vMOX enables the client to offload its mobility management and focus on other strategic projects.

Additionally, the vMOX team addresses problems and concerns quickly and effectively, giving the client greater confidence in handing over the keys to its mobility management.

That trust has been well placed. Since joining vMOX in 2016, the education company has saved nearly $2 million. Presently, it’s averaging savings of $26,000 per month. Additionally, its average cost per line was reduced by 42 percent.

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