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Manufacturer Opens the Door to Big Mobile Savings

Plan optimization and device lifecycle management streamline operations, create savings
$15K Monthly Wireless Savings
$700K Cumulative Savings
1,800 Mobile devices with plan optimization
Visibility Centralized reporting and admin across service providers


A world-leading manufacturer of energy-efficient windows and doors, distributes an extensive array of interior and exterior products for use in newly constructed and renovated residential and commercial buildings. The company relies on nearly 1,800 devices, primarily smartphones, to connect all types of employees – field sales, manufacturing and corporate.

With inventory continuously coming on and offline due to staff movement and changes, the client’s enterprise mobility program can be in a constant state of flux. The company was using a vendor for day-to-day device lifecycle management but sought greater savings and efficiencies across the board.


  • Staff turnover
  • Device recovery and distribution/termination
  • Plan monitoring and optimization


vMOX conducted a range of assessments and uncovered significant cost savings through plan optimization and data allocation for their mobility program. With a proprietary, technology-led approach, vMOX amplified their mobility savings and visibility to such a degree that the company soon left its other managed mobility service provider to take advantage of vMOX’s full suite of services.

Now with cumulative savings of $710,040, the client is working on completing integrations enabling vMOX to manage functions across the company’s mobile environment. vMOX already manages the company’s help desk day in and day out and is finalizing integrations to handle their logistics and procurement.

By utilizing vMOX’s full suite of capabilities, the client realizes the following benefits:

  • Greater control over device lifecycle management
  • Streamlined device recovery, distribution and termination
  • Enhanced visibility into inventory, usage and cost allocation
  • Optimized plans and carrier contracts
  • Proven procurement and logistics processes
  • Centralized management from vMOX’s OnePortal
  • Unmatched help desk support
  • Granular reporting and analytics
  • Superior policy consultation and management

Although the relationship between vMOX and the company began simply to boost savings, it quickly evolved into a business partnership. In that role, vMOX is positioned to not only grow the client’s cost savings but also boost enterprise mobility efficiencies for years to come.

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