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Media and Financial Services Titan Accrues Savings By Optimizing Mobile Services, Removing Zero-Usage Lines

Ongoing savings supported by international plan optimization, inventory management
2,000 Devices Across Five Providers and Three Countries
$417K Historic Cumulative Savings
$1.7K Monthly Wireless Savings
VISIBILITY Centralized Reporting and Admin Across Service Providers


This high-profile media and financial services conglomerate struggled to manage more than 2,000 devices – primarily smartphones, but also tablets, computers, and MiFi devices – across three countries and five carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers, and Vodafone UK.

  • With multiple carriers and types of international plans, the client’s devices often roamed – sometimes permanently – needlessly incurring higher rates.
  • The client also often needed to rapidly scale service and devices up and down for special conferences, world events, etc., increasing device turnover and complicating inventory management and security.
  • They destroy all mobile devices due to heightened security concerns over the data types the firm manages.


  • Management of a multi-carrier environment
  • Visibility across domestic and international plans
  • Termination management
  • Fluctuating usage
  • Elevated security concerns


vMOX’s initial billing analysis uncovered several zero-usage devices in the field. Eliminating these unused devices generated huge savings for the client upfront and drove home the need for a streamlined device disposition and waste management solution. By integrating the client’s employee data feed, vMOX receives an automated employee termination report to expedite device disablement and retrieval.

In addition to device management, vMOX conducted a comprehensive view of all lines and plans across several countries and carriers to uncover significant savings opportunities. vMOX helped the client negotiate contracts with domestic and international carriers and continues to consult on plan selection and management on an ongoing basis. The client now avoids paying for services they don’t need, including excessive roaming charges.

Notably, this large global firm has gained unprecedented visibility through vMOX’s OnePortal centralized management platform, enabling IT management and leadership to see a full view of domestic and international mobility usage trends and needs. The vMOX team supplements the in-house IT staff, providing extensive enterprise mobility knowledge and experience to help the organization realize benefits on a global scale.

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