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Real Estate Firm Makes the Right Mobile Move

Location! Location! Location! Consolidation and relocation of mobility plans optimize costs
$139K Monthly Wireless Savings
$782K Wireless Savings in First 6 Months
10,750 Devices with plan optimization
3 Different providers with centralized reporting and admin


As one of the largest real estate services firms in the world with 50,000 employees across hundreds of global locations, the need for—and impact of—mobility management and spend optimization for this client was substantial.

The client needed in-depth enterprise mobility cost optimization for more than 10,750 devices across more than 400 worldwide locations. Optimization efforts already in place with other third-party service providers had provided brief and stunted benefits that fell short of the client’s expectations.


  • Managing a multi-carrier environment
  • Monitoring and optimization of mobility plans
  • Sharing mobility management with other third-party vendors


While the client was already under contract with telecom expense providers, vMOX was brought in to find additional optimization opportunities. Our analysts were able to uncover more than $782,000 in savings in the first six months. The bulk of these savings was achieved through device and plan optimization with the client’s three primary carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

vMOX’s granular analysis made the difference in securing success for the customer where other firms had come up short, identifying opportunities to reduce redundancies and costs across the client’s large user base and sprawling geographic reach. 

Examples include:
  • Identifying and removing zero-usage lines
  • Removing or repurposing zero-usage devices
  • Consolidating administration responsibilities and workload

vMOX projects a large amount of continued savings as assessments identify more opportunities for consolidating lines and streamlining processes.

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