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Sports Media Company Wins With Outsourced Enterprise Mobility Management

Company bets on vMOX for administration of lines under management
$1,700 Monthly Wireless Savings
$203K Total Savings in the
first 2.5 years
660 Devices with Plan Optimization and Contract Negotiation
VISIBILITY Centralized reporting and admin across service providers


A leader in media, data and technology services for intercollegiate athletics, this company offers a range of services, such as publishing, data analytics, multimedia sponsorship management, ticketing software, venue technology and brand management. To deliver these services, effective and uninterrupted communication on the field is vital.

The client relies on around 660 devices – primarily smartphones and MiFi devices – under contract with two providers. A recent merger presented an extra challenge to their IT team – adding 1,000 new devices and lines. Aside from the volume, the additions included a mix of individual-liable and corporate-liable devices and lines. All needed to fall under the company’s individual-liable plans. Unfortunately, their IT team didn’t have the time or resources to manage the new lines, much less consolidate and optimize them, so they enlisted the help of vMOX, a provider of managed mobility services.


  • Heavy reliance on mobile communications due to field coverage
  • Recent merger brought new plans, devices under management
  • Mix of individual-liable and corporate-liable devices
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Plan monitoring and optimization


vMOX immediately assessed the client’s existing and new lines and service plans and ultimately renegotiated many of their contracts to optimize service reliability and cost. vMOX also uncovered and disconnected nearly 50 zero-usage devices, bringing them back into inventory where applicable and ensuring they had been wiped clean for security purposes.

The client now feeds regular employee data into vMOX’s OnePortal for centralized device lifecycle management. With so many new devices under management, vMOX consulted with the client to develop enterprise mobility policies and roll them out to employees.

Today, vMOX is an extension of the client’s team, providing ongoing guidance and assessments to realize further efficiencies and uncover more savings. The granular usage analytics from OnePortal and the company-wide adoption of enterprise mobility policies and procedures have prepared the company to effectively manage and further scale its mobility program in the years to come.

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