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Integration with ServiceNow enables them to seamlessly handle requests from their 6,000+ employees
33% Monthly Wireless Savings
1,570 Devices with Plan Optimization and Contract Negotiation
REDUCED Processing time and automated provisioning and MACDs
VISIBILITY Centralized reporting and admin across service providers


One of the world’s largest managed cloud services providers, with over 6,000 employees in 22 countries, engaged with vMOX to help them regain control of their corporate liable mobility program. Multiple acquisitions and integrations had drastically increased the complexity of their environment, adding new users, providers and administrative tasks. Along with reducing costs, they wanted the vMOX team free up the time of some of their internal resources by directly processing all employee mobility service change and device procurement requests. Importantly, they wanted this accomplished without disrupting their existing internal processes and workflows.


  • Increasing mobility costs
  • Highly manual internal processes
  • Team spends majority of time on day-to-day management activities


The client utilized ServiceNow for all employee service management requests — not just mobility focused ones — and did not want that to change. Therefore, the vMOX team’s goal was to design a comprehensive methodology that enabled employees to seamlessly use the existing ServiceNow workflows and have the submitted information securely transmitted to vMOX for processing. Additionally, to provide users with status updates in ServiceNow on their requests, the flow of information needed to be bidirectional.

The vMOX team determined that the most effective course of action was to facilitate an API between the client’s ServiceNow instance and the vMOX processing server.

Financially, vMOX’s patented mobility optimization technology made an immediate impact on the client’s mobility environment, reducing their AT&T and Verizon Wireless bills by over 30% in the first month under management. Then, once the systems integration between ServiceNow and vMOX was completed, the client started realizing benefits on the operations side. 

Employee requests for new or upgraded iPhone, Android and MIFI devices, plus feature change requests, were submitted, as always, via ServiceNow, but were now all handled by vMOX. This relieved a huge time burden from the IT team. Once submitted, each request followed the client’s existing internal approval workflows, and was only released to vMOX after receiving the appropriate consent.

In the initial six months under management the average saving delivered by vMOX was 33%. Operationally vMOX received and processed over 600 mobility orders on the customer’s behalf, including 252 new equipment requests, 82 international feature changes and 232 service cancellation orders. The vMOX team also introduced a new workflow leveraging employee termination data from ServiceNow to automate service cancellations for those leaving the company. Previously, this was done manually, and reactively, by Human Resources at month-end, resulting in excessive costs for services not being used and unnecessary use of manpower hours.


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