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vMOX delivers 42% savings and automates all mobility management and reporting activities across three service providers
42% Monthly Wireless Savings
$425K Annualized Savings
1,570 Devices with Plan Optimization and Contract Negotiation
VISIBILITY Centralized reporting and admin across service providers


A $600M global engineering firm with 60+ offices worldwide has 1,570 lines in services across three different service providers. As the company has grown they have found it increasingly challenging stay in control of their mobility expenses and management processes — from procurement to service change orders to reporting and analysis.

The clients’ business was growing month over month, in terms of both revenue and employee count, but their IT budget and resources were not. Their corporate mobility environment was complex: they utilized a mix of smartphones, tablets and air cards via three different service providers, and more than half of their employees regularly traveled outside of the US. Very little automation was built into their internal processes, so day-to-day procurement and management tasks had become extremely labor intensive and time consuming. All usage, inventory and expense reporting and related analyses were manually compiled each month using data from three different carrier billing portals, and they had very little real-time visibility into any aspects of their environment. As a result, most of their management activates were reactive, rather than proactive.


  • Increasing mobility costs
  • Management of multi-carrier environment
  • Manual reporting and auditing processes
  • Limited internal resources


The vMOX team conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s mobility environment and identified some immediate savings initiatives.

Within one billing cycle vMOX was able to reduce the client’s mobility costs by 42%, lowering the average cost per line from $52.50 to $30.47, and delivering $35,388 in savings. This savings percentage is even more impressive when you consider that the client added 55 new lines and their actual voice and data usage amounts increased by 12% and 17% during that period:

  • vMOX’s patented optimization platform analyzed past carrier invoices, usage detail and travel records, and leveraged our proprietary database of available carrier plans to initiate changes that ensured that of the client’s each users were aligned with the most cost effective plan or usage pool. The initial changes made by the vMOX team significantly lowered the client’s voice and data usage charges, and resulted in over $25,000 in savings in the first billing cycle, with no change in carrier.
  • The team also uncovered an additional $5,000 in savings by identified numerous lines with zero usage, unused, redundant,or unnecessary features, and other items that were billed incorrectly by the service providers.

vMOX’s mobility portal, OnePortal, addressed the client’s operational and reporting challenges. Since it’s directly integrated with service providers’ billing and support systems, the client has access to reporting and analytics on their entire environment, regardless of provider, device type or locations. This enterprise-wide detailed reporting, down to the individual end user level, has significantly reduced the time the IT team spends compiling data, analyzing invoices and building reports.

OnePortal has allowed them to be more proactive in the management of their mobility assets. They have set up real time alerts to inform them of usage anomalies, which allows them to investigate and rectify situations before they become too costly.

They now directly submit and track orders to add, delete or suspend lines and devices, change plans and features and open billing inquiries, directly to the providers via the portal, saving time and eliminating administrative headaches. They also have vMOX send monthly ‘usage snapshot’ emails to each user every month, informing them of their usage and charges, comparing them to company benchmarks, and letting them know that “big brother” is always watching.

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