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We're here to help. Find answers to commonly asked questions about vMOX and the work we do in enterprise mobility. 

Who is vMOX and what do you do? vMOX is a global managed mobility service (MMS) provider. We help medium and large-sized businesses reduce their wireless expenses and oversee their mobile environment with managed services and specialized software. 
Why do I need you?

The world of wireless is constantly changing and mobile devices are vital to a modern workforce. Traditional approaches based on manual work, infrequent audits and variable support can lead to chaos, hidden spend and a poor user experience. Businesses today need proactive management from dedicated experts, specialized tools and automated processes to keep costs low, visibility high and end users happy. 

Consider this - a MACD request can take hours, even days, to process. vMOX helps your team focus on high-value tasks and avoid burdensome administration. 

Am I a good fit for vMOX?

Our mobility management solutions are designed for midsized and enterprise environments and work best at scale.  You'll see greater ROI out of vMOX if you check one or more of these boxes:

  • You have at least 500 company-owned mobile devices/lines across 1 to 10 carriers
  • You have a desire to optimize wireless costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve end user satisfaction and gain control and visibility into your environment
  • You are looking to outsource your mobility management for the first time or replace your existing MMS vendor 
  • You lack deep wireless expertise, a desire to manage mobility or capacity within your team to be effective 
  • You work in an industry vertical that relies heavily on mobile devices to carry out business functions, such as Airline, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality,  Engineering/Construction, Retail/Restaurant, Manufacturing, Transportation, Supply Chain/Logistics or Energy/Utilities/Waste

If you are a small business with less than 100 devices, vMOX is probably not the right partner or the most cost-effective solution for you. Still not sure? Reach out and we can help guide you.

Can I keep my wireless carriers and contracts? Yes. Everything vMOX does is behind the scenes with no changes to your carrier relationships or contracts.
I have company-wide unlimited data plans. Do I still need vMOX?

vMOX has full suite of mobility management solutions to optimize mobile spend, streamline operations, create superior user experiences and close security gaps for your business.

Unlimited plans are one of many tools in the optimization toolkit. However, they are rarely effective as a company-wide strategy, especially for cost savings, and aren’t successful in complex enterprise environments.

It’s important to understand the full impact of unlimited data plans on your device security, user experience, service speeds and mobile bills. We can make recommendations as an unbiased, independent third-party and advise you of potential cost traps or unfavorable contract terms with different data plans.

What types of mobile devices are in scope? We manage a variety of devices such as: smartphones, tablets, mifi, machine-to-machine (m2m), wearables, ruggedized, field devices, connected medical devices, laptops, IT equipment, e.g. routers and Internet of Things (IoT). We support all major brands and operating systems, including but not limited to, Google, Android, and Apple iOS.
How does vMOX compare to other solutions or MMS vendors? We know you have choices when it comes to enterprise mobility management. You can decide to do-it-yourself (DIY) or outsource to a managed mobility services (MMS) vendor like vMOX. But not all solutions and vendors are the same. Learn how vMOX compares and stacks up against other solutions >
Is vMOX a wireless reseller? No, vMOX does not resell wireless software, hardware or other products and services. 
I use a MDM software. How is vMOX different and do you work together?

MDM software, such as Microsoft Intune or IBM MaaS360, is focused directly on the device itself, while MMS providers like vMOX support the full lifecycle with ongoing managed services. Each is powerful alone, but we are better together.

What is the cost for your services? Pricing for our managed mobility services is based on a device per month charge with the exception of our Forward and Reverse Logistics and Laptop Lifecycle Services (which are based on the number of shipments). We offer volume discounts and never charge implementation or integration fees. Visit our pricing page for more information>
Do you offer a free trial or pilot? We do not offer free trials or engage pilot projects at this time due to the value-added nature of our products and services. Contact Sales for other ways to explore our products and services and learn what’s possible. 
Our employees bring and pay for their own mobile devices. Can vMOX help me? Due to the nature of our services, we only support company-owned devices — not Bring-Your-Own (BYO) or individual-liable devices.
How quickly can I expect to be up and running?

You can start seeing results and savings in as little as seven business days from onboarding, all thanks to our Agile approach, algorithm-driven software and intelligent automation. Procurement processes and automated workflows, a service desk with KBAs and customer-specific services/routes, as well as custom logistics processes and services can all be achieved within the first 30 days – or sooner. Full-scope implementations and integrations can be successfully achieved in under 75 days.

I have mobile assets, expense and services outside the U.S. What countries and carriers can vMOX support? vMOX has capabilities and reach to more than 110 countries and 250 carriers. 
How will my employees be impacted?

Our hands-on, white-glove onboarding services are specifically designed to help you get the most from vMOX and ensure a smooth transition with no impact to your end users. 

Will my data be secure?

Yes. vMOX follows strict international standards and regulations across the company and values our clients’ privacy. We are a ISO 27001 certified vendor and GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA compliant. Unlike some other vendors, we maintain our certification across multiple departments which Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Operations and Product. You can trust us to follow leading security practices and protect your sensitive information.


How much can you save me on my business wireless bills?

Savings can depend on your environment and program maturity, but vMOX is really good at what we do. On average,  we deliver 20-40% initial savings due to our patented technology, automated processes and granular data. 

How much do I need to be involved? Our technology, processes and specialized teams are working around the clock to find the lowest possible costs for your mobile environment at every given moment. We require very little involvement from client teams in order to realize savings.
Does the vMOX OnePortal integrate with other software and tools? Yes. Our open API gives us the flexibility and capability to integrate with nearly any third-party or vendor tool you want — from carrier to CRM, Financial, HR, IoT, MDM, Procurement, Security, ITSM, Shipping and Travel.  
Do you have a marketplace app for ServiceNow? vMOX uses a direct RESTful API to connect with ServiceNow. Marketplace applications can be good for new deployments of an ITSM where existing workflow processes are not established. However, we find this is rarely the case within enterprise environments. They are not purpose-built to match how an organization might move information between multiple departments. We take a thoughtful and personalized approach to integrations — taking on the heavy lifting. Most ServiceNow integrations can be achieved within 75 days. 
How does your Microsoft InTune one-click integration work?

With our One-Click Intune Integration, you can manage and protect your mobile devices in Microsoft Intune, without leaving the vMOX OnePortal . Learn more>

Getting started is simple. You don’t need to be a technical expert, but you must be a Intune administrator for your account. You will select the Intune integration within OnePortal. A prompt will appear, allowing you to accept or allow management of the app. As soon as you hit accept, the integration is live. One-click and that’s it!

Do you have device accessory integrations? Yes. For example, we have a two-click integration with CAN-AM IT Solutions for mobile device / wireless accessory ordering needs. The integration leverages CAN-AM’s API to transmit the orders as soon as they are placed. Setup is completely managed by vMOX and requires no action your part.
How long does it take to import my employee data and what is needed from me? We require a first and last name, email and phone number at a minimum in a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Once the first employee file is tested, you can expect your data to be live within OnePortalSM in less than 48 hours. 
Why should I outsource my mobility service (help) desk?

Outsourcing is a great idea if you are looking to fill gaps on your team - whether skillsets or just extra hands. Delivering a great experience starts with reliable and trusted experts on your side. Our specialized Mobility Service Desk is available 24X7 to handle everything — from procurement and troubleshooting to MDM, MACDs, application support and more — with a one-call resolution by a 100% regional team. 

Can I customize my Service Desk experience? Yes. We offer multiple contact methods, personalized scripting, dynamic and VIP call routing, and more options to adhere to your company guidelines. 
Do you offer mobile device recycling? Yes. We offer streamlined, automated and highly secure end-of-life management, including recovering, repurposing, reselling, and recycling.
Why is it important to collect and wipe company-owned devices?

Mobile device threats are increasing and can result in data loss, security breaches and compliance violations. Putting in place strong policies around device collection and data retention/cleaning can not only reduce risk but your costs as well. 

Manage your mobility with confidence

Join thousands of professionals worldwide using vMOX to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a positive experience for users. Take the first step on the road to mobile victory and speak with our team today.