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Microsoft Intune One-Click Integration

Connect your enterprise mobility management portal to Microsoft Intune in just one click

We believe in creating smart and simple solutions.

The Microsoft Intune One-Click Integration

vMOX’s OnePortal is a single-source web-based platform providing insight into, and management of, all aspects of your mobile environment. With our One-Click Intune Integration, you can manage and protect your corporate-owned mobile devices in Microsoft Intune, without leaving OnePortal. It's super fast and easy to integrate.

Administrators can:

  • See detailed reports on users and devices compliance, including devices that are being charged at the carrier-level, but are not currently enrolled
  • Receive real-time inventory updates, asset tracking and alerts
  • Automate employee device association for more exact unbilled usage tracking and have greater visibility through employee and manager snapshots
  • Improve lifecycle management for device recovery and logistics
  • Produce more accurate chargeback to internal departments and clearer reports

You have a convenient, single pane of glass to see all your devices together in one platform.

How the Intune Integration Works

Getting started is simple. You don't need to be a technical expert, but you must be a Microsoft Intune administrator for your account.

Select the Microsoft Intune integration within the vMOX OnePortal. A prompt will appear, allowing you to accept or allow management of the app. As soon as you hit accept, the integration is live. One-click and that's it!

No learning curve and virtually no effort required. All the hard work is done for you.


Integrate the apps you're already using




 Gain full visibility into your mobile assets and expenses. Streamline operations and save time. Access the most up-to-date information. 

Bring the apps and services you love into OnePortal for a centralized mobility hub.