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Lawn Company Grows Productivity and See Savings Bloom Without Employee Impact

Ongoing savings and efficiencies supported by custom integrations and detailed plan optimization 
$115K Monthly Wireless Savings
$1.9M Total Savings
45% Increase in Device Count
49% Reduction in Avg. Cost Per Line


The client is a leading lawn service products company with 4,000 devices (smartphones, tablets and data-only devices) across five providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon).

The company’s mobility program manager became bogged down in processes, logistics and help desk tickets when its previous enterprise mobility management partner failed to provide a promised and vital service integration with ServiceNow.

The seasonality of their business (with significant upticks during the spring and summer months) added complexity to mobile device inventory and logistics management.


  • Management of multi-carrier environment
  • Lack of integration with key platform

  • Seasonality of business


vMOX’s initial billing analysis uncovered multiple areas for plan optimization, generating monthly savings of more than $115,000, and a cumulative savings of $1.6 million, in the first year-and-a-half of the contract.

Additionally, the nature of their business—consumer lawn care products—meant a significant fluctuation in seasonal employees, and, therefore, devices. Approximately 1,800 of the company’s 4,000 devices are seasonal. vMOX’s detailed management platform and logistics capabilities provided the client with detailed visibility into devices coming into and out of service, and where and when to place temporary holds on lines. Managing these plans and procedures in near-real-time not only provided cost-savings, but significant time savings as well.

Another key for this client’s success was a service integration with cloud-based workflow provider ServiceNow. After years of waiting on a previous partner to provide the integration, they looked to vMOX to make it a priority. The service integration was completed at the beginning of the contract, and the customer now relies heavily on the detailed data provided by the integration.

They currently use vMOX’s Core Financial and Program Management, Logistics, 24/7/365 Service Desk, and Ordering and Provisioning (via the ServiceNow integration). vMOX also provide staging and kitting as an add-on service to help with the influx and outflux of devices.

vMOX is an extension of the mobility management department, which relies on the service desk to filter out requests and escalate appropriately and uses the centralized vMOX portal daily to review data and stay organized. The manager can monitor and track devices through an integration with the company’s MDM provider as well.

The vMOX relationship has been beneficial for the client so far, enabling them to realize savings with ongoing optimization and enhanced time management and productivity. vMOX plans to uncover additional savings as mobility procedures are streamlined and policies are further refined.

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