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IT leaders learn early in their careers that they can’t be all things to all stakeholders because of the combination of limited resources and unlimited opportunities. The challenge then becomes determining the most important initiatives that will best utilize your money, time and talent while driving your business forward. The key part of this strategy is also having the ability to identify tasks that are important to the company, but not worthy of your limited resources.  We believe that mobility management is one of those tasks.

Keeping corporate mobility environments running smoothly while ensuring that monthly costs remain under control has become vital in Corporate America. But the always-changing aspect of mobility – both on the provider side and the user side -  is uber-challenging to keep up with and can quickly becomes a drain on resources. Which in turn can cost your business significant money.

Here are three key reasons that you are better off having an outside company, like vMOX, handle your mobility program management, and not have it compete for your IT Team’s valuable time, people, and resources.

1)     IT is Strategic.  Mobility Management Activities are Tactical

What would you rather have your star IT talent focus on transformative IT technology that will grow your business and keep you at the CEO planning table, or have them review invoices, negotiate contracts, verify costs, develop reports, manage inventories, develop and enforce corporate policies? And that list doesn’t even include time-consuming day-to-day carrier management activities like submitting, tracking and even escalating orders and trouble tickets. 

2)    Mediocrity is Best Case; Expertise is Unlikely

The mobility world is always changing, and your user’s calling habits are unpredictable. And it is no secret that Carriers don’t do much to make these things easier to understand. In fact, most providers have reduced the level of customer service that they offer to business customers. So, companies either accept the frustration and inefficiency that it produces, or expect their IT staff to pick up the slack. Do you want your best IT talent investing their training and educational time on deciphering invoices, learning the latest mobility rate plans or researching the latest and greatest devices and technologies?

Of course not. Your staff knows this as well, and that is precisely why they don’t gain this expertise; namely, there is not a strong ROI to them or you, hence most businesses are destined to experience mediocre mobility management outcomes at best, and very wasteful and potentially damaging outcomes at worst.

3)      Money

At the end of the day all business decisions are about a return on investment.  Continually investing money into developing the people, processes, and tools to manage your corporate mobility is not a good use of finite resources and probably won’t lead to innovation or business growth.

But ignoring one of your largest operating expenses within your IT budget will surely mean substantial money will be left on the table. In fact, on average vMOX finds 20-40% savings in corporate mobility environments every month.  Therefore, accepting the status quo will guarantee one thing: waste.  And that means less money for IT, and less focus from your IT staff.

In conclusion, today’s businesses need to leverage technology to its fullest to derive maximum business value.  A big part of that is realizing what tasks your IT team can handle in house, and what is better left to outside experts.  The growing importance of mobility to business, combined with the dynamic nature of mobility environments, make corporate mobility program management and ideal initiative to be outsourced to industry experts.   vMOX had been helping business better manage their corporate mobility environments for over 10 years.  It’s all that our team is focused on, and our 100% ROI model ensures that if we don’t produce results, the client doesn’t pay.  And the substantial monthly savings that vMOX uncovers and the ‘free-up’ resources on your IT team can now both be re-purposed towards strategic corporate technology initiatives.

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