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We scrutinize every element of your corporate mobility environment to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

And we do it every single day.

vMOX’s proactive ‘managed service’ approach to mobility optimization and management is unique in the industry. We don’t just identify savings one time and walk away. Our team handles all of the discovery, validation, analysis, impact and benefits calculations, implementation with providers, tracking, reporting and much more, so you don’t have to. Since it’s a managed service, we take on all of the heavy lifting.

We are your partner for the long term. Years of mobility management experience has provided us with a wealth of best practices that we leverage to design highly efficient processes that reduce costs and management headaches for clients of all sizes and industries.


Our Management Approach

The vMOX’s approach is based on “doing” rather than “enabling.” We follow a three step methodology to tackle the ongoing optimization and management of our customers' mobility environments:

process graphic.png

Phase One – Initial Optimization:

When we first start working with a client, an onbording call is scheduled. Our initial goal is to identify non-service impacting savings opportunities, such as plan and feature changes, that can be presented, and discussed, on that call. Once the client approves these changes they are immediately submitted to the appropriate service provider(s).


Phase Two – Added Value Services:

In this phase our team works with the client to get a deeper understanding of their operational workflow to see where else vMOX can make in impact. A discovery call is held to learn about all of the client's systems and vendors, as well as the level of automation that they are hoping to achieve. Once an integration plan is developed and agreed on, regular project management calls are held to ensure success. When these integration projects are completed, our team can perform more advanced optimization techniques, such as redundant service analysis and fraud detection, and uncover an additional layer of potentail savings.


Phase Three – Carrier Contract Negotiation:

The goal of this phase is to ensure that the client is always receiving the most favorable terms and conditions available from their mobile provider(s). Years of industry knowledge and understanding of best practices gives a unique advantage in full contract negotiations, renegotiations, or concession requests.  Either way, our experienced team can manage the entire process from start to finish.  Once a contract change is enacted, our team will revisit Phase One and reevaluate the optimization strategies that are in place and make the appropriate adjustments.