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Travel Company Gets R&R From Mobility Complexity and Rising Costs

Centralizes management and generates savings by moving from 80+ accounts to two
$58K Monthly Wireless Savings
33% Reduction in Total Mobility Costs
80+ Consolidation of Accounts Into Two
4,750 Devices with Plan Optimization


One of the world’s largest membership and leisure travel company, they have approximately 4,750 devices with two mobile carriers — but that was not always the case.

Recent mergers and acquisitions left the company’s enterprise mobility landscape fragmented, with more than 80 accounts and administrators operating independently.

The company used an antiquated SharePoint page to take mobility requests and route them to two or three individuals for attention.


  • More than 80 different wireless accounts and administrators
  • Resource-intensive mobility management
  • No standardization for managing rate plans, procurement or chargeback allocations
  • Antiquated mobility request ticket system
  • Push-to-talk devices requiring varying policies


Within eight months, vMOX consolidated the client’s wireless accounts from more than 80 to two contracts – one each with AT&T and Verizon. Account consolidation has been a big win because the company can now pool data plans, resulting in substantial monthly savings.

Centralized mobility management also streamlines mobility requests. vMOX’s OnePortal enables the client to automate intake requests, reducing errors and wait times and improving the user experience. vMOX designed and implemented a detailed workflow to route employee mobility requests to one or more levels of review and approval based on a job code. The process is seamless for the user and administrator, freeing up countless resources.

The client realizes additional savings by cutting down on zero-usage devices by quickly processing devices when employees leave the company – either by reassigning or disabling the line.

Their use of Push2Talk devices for housekeeping, maintenance and security staff add an extra layer of management complexity. vMOX enables the company to see Push2Talk devices in the OnePortal to ensure inconsistent usage doesn’t trigger the zero-usage policy to cut the line.

Centralized mobility management enables the company to add wireless use policies like those for Push2Talk devices for greater control and savings. With vMOX, they can align processes, administrators and stakeholders to achieve cost optimization and a positive user experience.

The client saved more than $600,000 in the first year of its new mobile contracts, and the company continues to see significant savings each month. Currently, vMOX provides procurement and optimization for the company’s U.S. businesses and, based on early successes, is discussing expansion to additional countries and continents.

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