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We leverage direct integration with carrier billing and operations systems to enable detailed reporting into all aspects of your environment, across all providers.

Effective mobile environment management requires a clear understanding of what’s going on at every moment. vMOX’s extensive reporting capabilities, backed by our experienced mobility team, gives you the analytics and insight necessary to keep your mobility initiatives under control. Comprehensive reporting across all providers ensures that you will always maintain control of your corporate mobility program.



Enterprise-wide clarity into every aspect of your mobility program.

vMOX’s detailed reporting capabilities give you a comprehensive view of all your mobility assets and costs, helping you to quickly understand both the small details and the big picture. Direct integration with mobile provider systems allows us to aggregate all of your mobile billing and inventory data on to one platform, providing you with unprecedented visibility across all locations and providers. 

You have access to a full range of reports from summary dashboards to detailed, individual user reports. View expenses by provider or location at both a macro and micro level, and access lists of highest and lowest users of voice, data, texting and much more. All reports include useful charts, tables and graphs, and can be accessed at any time via our secure portal.

Standard reports available include:

  • Top Data Users
  • Average Total Cost Per User
  • Cost by Carrier
  • Data and Text Usage Reports
  • Feature Expenses
  • Executive Overview Dashboard
  • Total Expense Trend
  • Highest Usage Devices / Users
  • Highest Cost Devices / Users
  • Effective Rate Per Minute (ERPM)
  • Top Minute Users

Reports can be aligned to your organizational general ledger structure to help simplify and automate budget and reconciliation tasks



Our experienced and innovative team gets your mobility program under control

With over 250 years of enterprise wireless experience, vMOX’s team of trusted Mobility Analysts is your secret weapon. Charged with elevating your vMOX experience, they turn data and analytics into actionable items that further enhance productivity and drive additional savings. They keep on top of every aspect of the mobility industry so your team doesn’t have to, and take control of all the time-consuming carrier interaction activities. And they do this every day.
Your dedicated vMOX Mobility Analyst will develop intimate knowledge about your company – from your mobility environment and corporate policies to your optimization goals and requirements, and will tailor solutions to address your needs. They serve as the single point of contact for your team, and are accountable to you. Duties of your Mobility Analyst include:

  • Regularly review the status of current initiatives, savings, trends and optimization opportunities, and make related performance improvement suggestions
  • Proactively manage workflow to ensure new service orders, change requests and disconnects are completed efficiently and savings is maximized
  • Address and ensure resolution of billing inquiries 
  • Provide insight and subject matter expertise on devices, providers, service offerings, trends and best practices.
  • Offer guidance on corporate policy development and revision, and RFP/RFI development and review