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Waste Management Firm Streamlines Mobility Management and Lowers Costs

Integrated and automated solutions enables seamless management of 14,000+ devices across multiple providers
$925K Annualized Wireless Savings
$840K Additional Savings from Contract Negotiations
>60% Reduction in Ticket Completion Time
LOWER Service Desk Costs and Reduced Staffing Needs


A global specialized waste management firm with over 20,000 employees in 20 countries hired vMOX to overhaul their corporate-liable mobility operations. Expansion via acquisitions had drastically elevated the complexity of their mobile environment, adding new users, geographies and providers, which greatly increased administrative workloads. They needed a managed mobility services solution that would reduce both their costs and the time their team spent supporting end users, with the requirement there be no change to their IT Service Management (“ITSM”) platform, mobile device management system or internal processes.

Historically, employees requested mobile device support by submitting tickets via phone, e-mail or ServiceNow. Regardless of the method in which the ticket was submitted, when a request was received by IT they had to seek internal approvals manually and then individually contact each provider to resolve the ticket. The client was frustrated with this costly and highly inefficient process.


  • Time burden of manual ticket management and service desk activities exacerbated by multiple providers

  • Solution can't be disruptive to employees and must incorporate existing systems, platforms and processes
  • Increasing costs for monthly service, devices and service desk staffing


The vMOX team designed optimized workflows leveraging automation and system integrations to eliminate manual and repetitive processes. API’s into carrier systems, as well as the client’s ServiceNow, Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) and Human Resources platforms, facilitate digital data transfer between systems, enabling significantly faster and more efficient ticket resolution.

All employee requests for new devices, plans, upgrades and feature changes received by the vMOX-staffed Service Desk flow into the API-enabled digital ecosystem for immediate processing. Employees utilize the same ticket submission methods that they have grown accustomed to, and every request follows their corporate internal approval process, per the client’s requirement.

The bidirectional nature of the integrations allows vMOX to provide timely ticket status updates directly in ServiceNow, with no manual intervention. Additionally, the solution provides comprehensive visibility and reporting capabilities via a single platform, irrespective of how the tickets were created.

vMOX also introduced numerous time-saving new workflows, including one that leverages employee termination data from ServiceNow to automate deactivations for people leaving the company. Previously, this was done manually, and reactively, by Human Resources at month-end, resulting in costs for underutilized services and wasted manpower hours. Additionally, our integrations with the client’s MDM and employee data platforms match users with devices, departments and cost centers, resulting in increased compliance and streamlined financial reporting.

vMOX exceeded expectations by implementing the entire lifecycle management solution, including all workflow design, system integrations and process remapping, in less than 45 days.

Financially, vMOX’s patented mobility optimization technology had an immediate impact on the client’s mobility environment, reducing their AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada and TELUS spend by almost $80K (15%) in the first month under management. Additionally, the client’s AT&T agreement had expired, and our team, armed with benchmark data garnered from years of optimization experience, was able to negotiate more favorable terms. This included lower plan rates, non-standard plan types and loyalty/equipment credits which will yield an additional savings of $840K annually. Once implemented, this will increase the client’s overall savings percentage to 25%.

Operationally, through the first three months the vMOX team successfully processed over 600 service requests, and the average order resolution time decreased by over 60%. MACD orders such as cancellations and suspensions are now completed within minutes, not hours. New device orders that previously took 5 to 7 days to fulfill are now processed by vMOX the same day, with users receiving devices the next business day. And the client is encouraging employees to utilize ServiceNow for tickets, so future requests should be completed almost instantaneously, with little or no manual intervention. This solution has not only resulted in more efficient ticket processing, it also greatly reduced the client’s service desk support requirements and associated costs.

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