Cellular Savings, EMM, Enterprise Mobility Management

A $23 billion global bio-pharmaceutical firm saved over $6 million annually while increasing their visibility and control.

Prior to engaging with vMOX, the client was over their IT budget by 9%. Just four months later they were 37% under budget.

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One of the world's largest construction equipment manufacturers reduced their average cost per line by over 50%.

$3M in annual savings was achieved with no provider changes, service disruptions, contract re-negotiations or compromises to the end user experience.

A Fortune 200 retail chain with over 13,000 stores around the country saved 37% on their mobility with vMOX

This savings was achieved despite the fact that, on average, the company added 40 new devices to their mobile environment each month.



A leading U.S. general contracting firm saved over $3.25 million and streamlined their corporate mobile device procurement process.

Their savings level remained high after contract renewal and baseline reset, highlighting the need for perpetual optimization.

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This global Cloud provider lowered their mobility bill by over 30% in the first two weeks under management.

Integrating their service management system with the vMOX portal automated daily operations tasks, saving them significant time and man hours.


Engineering_Box (003).jpg

A $600 million dollar global engineering, water management and drilling company lowered mobility costs by 42%.

Along with the savings, the vMOX portal streamlined and centrailized all mobility management and reporting activities across their multi-provider mobility environment.

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Healthcare provider cut monthly spend by more than 50% and eliminated fraudulent employee device procurement activity.

vMOX fraud detection and prevention identified employee abuse and helped client revamp internal processes and authorization layers to prevent future incidents.

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International non-profit lowered their mobility costs while greatly improving operational efficiencies.

vMOX reduced monthly spend by 43% and uncovered over $70,000 in past carrier over-billing.

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Well-known athletic apparel retail chain's monthly costs decreased as their line count increased.

vMOX delivered over $80K in annual savings while simplifying device procurement and management for this rapidly expanding brand.



Art gallery with locations in 7 countries saves 45% and takes control of their international charges.

Integration with the clients travel system enabled vMOX to reduce international calling charges by over $4k per month.

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