Streamline your mobile operations and save money

Keep your enterprise mobility program running efficiently, your costs low and your inventory accurate. Embrace a modern approach with ongoing proactive wireless expense management, foolproof tools and automated processes.

  • Checked Yes Find maximum savings and cost control
  • Checked Yes Ensure you only pay for what you actually need
  • Checked Yes Get real-time visibility into your mobile expenses
  • Checked Yes Draw actionable insights from granular data
  • Checked Yes Determine true and accurate return from your investment

Wireless expense management and cost optimization

Mobile usage is dynamic, but most business mobile rate plans are static. Find your lowest costs possible at any given moment by leveraging patented technology, automated processes, and specialized knowledge. Reduce your spend by as much as 40% - without service disruptions or provider changes. 

  • Patented optimization engine that analyzes in minutes

  • No service disruptions, provider changes or impact to end users, carrier relationships or contracts

  • Initial savings implemented within 7 days of project start

  • Ongoing, real-time monitoring with proactive alerts

  • Strong focus on plan and feature management

  • Proactive, ongoing optimization and feature management

  • Cost avoidance strategies to reduce in cycle overages

  • Predictive analytics to reduce required adjustments later

  • Granular and custom reporting at no extra charge

  • Bill quality assurance and risk assessments

  • Checked Yes Generate cost savings
  • Checked Yes Reduce the risk of compromise
  • Checked Yes Eliminate data silos and improve visibility across all connected devices
  • Checked Yes Drive up operational efficiencies
  • Checked Yes Relieve the burden on IT teams and solve issues quickly
  • Checked Yes Scale up or down with greater flexibility
  • Checked Yes Produce a positive end user experience

IoT management

It can be daunting to imagine managing hundreds, thousands or millions of internet-connected devices at one time, especially if you have staff constraints. 

Easily manage, analyze and expand your IoT device fleet - from smartphones to patient monitoring devices and fleet tracking devices - and their related costs on a single platform. Use advanced processes and expert managed services to govern your IoT landscape, control costs and scale without the hassles or headaches. 

  • Optimized development and quick implementation of IoT solutions

  • Automated device enrollment, authentication and configuration

  • IoT wireless cost optimization and expense management, including centralized billing and granular reporting 

  • Service desk support for IoT devices and end users to maintain optimal performance

  • Fraud detection and alerts to protect your company from security threats

  • Checked Yes Obtain 90-95% inventory accuracy
  • Checked Yes Gain a single, unified view into your inventory across your mobile estate
  • Checked Yes Make smarter decisions on when to buy or repurpose devices
  • Checked Yes Better control costs and safeguard against paying for unused stock
  • Checked Yes Avoid potential business risk

Inventory management

Optimizing your inventory management and improving accuracy is key, but it can be difficult if not done right.

Accurately track, manage and report on all your IT assets and usage, regardless of provider, platform, geography, or type, in a single solution. Understand what mobile assets you have on-hand, their status, and where they're located using reliable API connectors - not people or spreadsheets. 

  • Unique bi-directional sync between carrier, OnePortal and client platforms

  • Daily automated refreshes with stock levels, pricing and alerts, including resell market optimization and optimization

  • Automated, daily check of enrollment status against device inventory to ensure all active devices are MDM protected and compliant

  • Historical views by device and contract details

  • Unique fraud detection capability compares key inventory patterns against actual purchase behavior

  • Cold Storage enables automated tracking, managing and repurposing of inactive devices

  • Employee data reconciliation identifies redundant devices/services

  • Checked Yes Achieve quicker approvals and process invoices faster
  • Checked Yes Improve your data accuracy and reduce human error
  • Checked Yes Achieve greater cost control
  • Checked Yes Avoid late fees and invoice aging
  • Checked Yes Add visibility through cost allocated and detail reporting
  • Checked Yes Free up staff for other tasks
  • Checked Yes Enable strong protection against fraud
  • Checked Yes Get flexibility and scalability as needs change

Invoice management and bill pay

Consolidate your invoices into a single system and digitize for faster handling, reduced errors and greater detail. Remove the burden on Finance and get complete invoice lifecycle processing that includes payment remittance to your wireless carrier with Bill Pay. 

  • Specialized software and dedicated plan libraries

  • Pre-import invoice health checks

  • Automatic processing and validation consistent with industry best practices and company rules

  • Line items analyzed against contracts, purchase orders and SLAs

  • Carrier disputes are tracked and maximum is recovered

  • Unique insight into T&C’s, promotions and discounts for more favorable contract terms


  • Checked Yes Find real-time clarity and pinpoint accuracy with granular data
  • Checked Yes Make advanced financial decisions based on real return
  • Checked Yes Align reporting with your general ledger structure to help simplify and automate budget and reconciliation tasks
  • Checked Yes Facilitate communication to key stakeholders
  • Checked Yes Better identify trends and opportunities to reduce spend
  • Checked Yes Mitigate risk and fraud
  • Checked Yes Enhance business efficiency

Reporting and analytics

Effective mobile environment management requires a clear understanding of what’s going on at every moment. Build or run reports that consolidate and apply business analytics to your raw enterprise mobility data. Get detailed, real-time insights into all aspects of your mobile environment for better visibility and control. 

  • Lightning-fast builds due to unique automated raw data retrieval (RPA) and direct provider integrations

  • Expenses by provider or location at both a macro and micro level, and lists of highest and lowest users of voice, data, texting, and much more

  • Detailed approach to optimization with 17 components (versus one total cost) and breakdown into distinct line items (versus rollup into generic categories)

  • Full range of user-friendly and digestible reports from summary dashboards to detailed, individual user or executive reports

  • All reports include useful charts, tables and graphs, and can be accessed at any time via our secure portal

  • Customized reports and alerts available at no extra charge

  • Checked Yes Get a more accurate view of consumption, and related costs, of every line in service
  • Checked Yes Never overbuy again with confidence
  • Checked Yes Increase compliance and avoid disasters
  • Checked Yes Better predict usage
  • Checked Yes Report the true cost of each active device based on consumption
  • Checked Yes Achieve more accurate charge backs to departments and clearer reporting

Usage management

Continually align your wireless usage with the most appropriate voice, data and feature plans while at the same time balancing pools. Take advantage of algorithm-driven software that continually analyzes usage patterns to find the best mix of plans and features for every line at any time.

  • Fast implementation times with electronic orders to service provider 

  • Proactive wireless usage tracking and thresholds, and right-size pooled plans 

  • Quick resolution of unbilled usage with line shifts within and/or between pools 

  • Proactive activation/deactivation of mobile plans and features to eliminate unnecessary international roaming or overage charges

  • Client-defined approach to zero usage containment with personalized timeframes and workflow options

  • Alerts for abnormal usage spikes so they can be investigated and remediated quickly

  • Complex weighted allocation methodology to determine the actual cost of each line in shared pools


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