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We love mobility and it shows

vMOX is made for one thing and one thing only — mobility. Our specialization is your advantage. Learn five reasons why our unique blend of technology, process and people work around the clock to solve your toughest corporate mobility challenges and make management effortless.

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vMOX really is a canary in the coal mine. We consider them to be one of the functional leaders showing where the managed mobility services and the telecom expense management market focused on mobility are headed. A lot of vendors talk to us about claiming to provide market-leading services and supporting a cutting-edge roadmap, but we really see it put into action at vMOX across areas including machine learning, closed-loop logistics, quantitative optimization, platform and integration support, and data processing.

Hyoun ParkCEO and Chief Analyst, Amalgam Insights

power up your mobility program

Change for the better

With no outside investors to fuel instability or sway decisions, our north star at vMOX has always been the customer.  We're on a mission to change enterprise mobility management for the better with:

  • Service delivery excellence

  • A single, purpose-built mobility management platform and clear product roadmap that is 100% focused on enterprise mobility

  • Real tools that deliver business outcomes at a much faster pace with less errors - no workarounds, spreadsheets or manual work

  • Workflow automation and true bidirectional data integrations

  • Deeper analytics and reporting that go beyond the surface

  • Strict ISO 27001 standards for security and compliance across the company, not just one department

  • Transparent sales processes and easy-to-understand pricing

  • Memorable and positive end-user experiences

Poor solutions can cost you more than you think. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Set yourself up for success with vMOX.  

The vmox difference - 1

Optimization that's always on

Find maximum cost control, increase agility and free up valuable time and resources with continual optimization for performance, assets and spend across every mobile stage — planning, procurement, operations and disposal. 

  • Unique, algorithm-driven software that evaluates thousands, if not millions, of optimization strategies

  • Comprehensive database of plans and features across all carriers

  • Monthly optimization and feature management

  • Combination of plan types to optimize (versus one-size-fits-all )

  • Savings within 7 days (versus 90+ days)

  • Cost avoidance strategies to reduce overages in cycle

  • Seamless order experience and redeployment

  • International feature management and travel best practices

The vmox difference - 2

Detail you will really dig

Get near real-time clarity and pinpoint accuracy for strategic financial decisions with powerful granular analytics and custom reporting. Go deep or wide, it's your choice.  

  • Detailed approach to optimization with 17 components (versus one)

  • Breakdown into distinct line items (versus a rollup into generic categories)

  • Near real-time usage in current cycle and alerts

  • Identifies line level ownership discrepancies and publishes information back to the carrier

  • Access to data to build client reports for increased transparency (versus a restricted library)

  • Pre-import bill audits as quality checks and alerts for errors

  • Accurate, realized savings for real ROI (versus projected)

The vmox difference - 3

Automation that makes it easy to succeed

Quickly and easily manage in a single place, avoiding unnecessary effort, expense and risk with fully automated processes and specialized integrations. Hands off management that makes mobility simple. 

  • API end points for inventory, devices, orders and phone lines

  • Fully automated employee off and onboarding

  • Complete forward and reverse logistics automation from request to delivery

  • Bidirectional synchronization that keeps both vMOX and IT service management systems updated

  • Unique carrier integration that allows for usage tracking and alerting, MACD support and more accurate device stock levels and pricing

  • Flexibility and capability to integrate with nearly any third-party or vendor system 

The vMOX difference - 4

Expertise that's on your side

Secure competitive contracts and stay ahead of mobility demands and trends with unbiased, independent and expert wireless knowledge and support. We do the work so you don't have to.

  • 100% company focus on mobility for more than a decade

  • Experts with real-world wireless industry experience as both a provider and end user

  • Ability to work with any carrier, anywhere

  • Assigned Mobility Analyst for every client with deep experience in contract negotiations and data analysis 

  • Dedicated Project Manager during implementation and onboarding

  • Complementary strategic consulting services and industry benchmarking

The vmox difference - 5

Customizable solutions made just for you

Have a completely unique and streamlined experience that fits your specific business needs and drivers with software and services that can be customized. Team members and technology working together for the win. 

  • Flexible permissions and roles for a customized experience that is maintained programmatically

  • Customizable procurement policies allow control over who can order what devices and better device management

  • Customized logistics and help desk experience ensures devices received, are configured to your company standards

  • Customized cost optimization strategy to your internal business requirements and plans available (versus “just put everyone on the same plan”)

  • Ability to emulate custom ServiceNow workflows with best practice recommendations and very little required changes

Manage your mobility with confidence

Join thousands of professionals using vMOX to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a positive experience for users. Take the first step on the road to mobile victory.