Fast and reliable mobile device logistics services that deliver

Save time and money with zero-touch, automated end-to-end mobile device management that ensures employees receive and return devices along with accessories quickly and efficiently wherever they work.

  • Checked Yes Save time and effort
  • Checked Yes Shift internal resources to strategic projects
  • Checked Yes Improve operational efficiencies
  • Checked Yes Achieve a positive user experience with fast deliveries and easy returns
  • Checked Yes Gain deep visibility into your mobile inventory
  • Checked Yes Protect your data and users

Forward and reverse mobile device logistics

Mobile devices are mission-critical but managing the various lifecycle phases can be time-consuming and expensive. 

Discover a cost-effective, customizable and scalable solution for your mobile device collection, warehousing, and inventory management needs. Keep your mobile program running smoothly and see your device recovery rates soar with rapid, on-time deployment and easy return processes.Complete forward and reverse mobile device logistics automation from request to delivery to return

  • Customizable and scalable processes to fit your specific business needs

  • Optimized procurement method

  • Real-time visibility into your mobile inventory, including inactive device inventory management 

  • Advanced repair and replacement

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable best practices and advisory

Asset management from factory to front door

vMOX does all the heavy lifting to make sure your business mobile devices and accessories are sourced, deployed and retired according to your company policies and standards. With the help of our advanced processes, best practices and enhanced visibility, in most cases, we can improve your device recovery rate by 2X or more.

Pick, pack and ship
  • Automated fulfillment so devices are sourced directly from providers/carriers or inactive device inventory

  • Real-time, in-portal asset reports for inventory visibility, including stock level and reorder alerts

  • Start-up guides with shipments to help end users get up and running fast

Staging and kitting
  • Installation and/or packaging of company-approved accessories, applications and utilities

  • Updated operating systems to the most current, company-compliant versions

  • MDM device enrollment and application of proper policies

  • Device preparation so they are out-of-the-box ready 

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Reverse logistics
  • Streamlined, automated and highly secure end-of-life management, including recovering, repurposing, reselling, and recycling

  • Protection of corporate intel with cleaning, wiping, and destroying data on mobile devices

Repair and replacement
  • Hardware issues identified and fixed

  • Advance replacements for broken or lost devices and shipping labels to return defective equipment

Manage your mobility with confidence

Join thousands of professionals worldwide using vMOX to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a positive experience for users. Take the first step on the road to mobile victory and speak with our team today.