Secure your growing mobile fleet

Manage and secure every endpoint, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, ChromeOS and IoT devices and apps across the entire lifecycle in a single solution. Develop strong policies to protect your business and reduce costs.

  • Checked Yes Ensure billing accuracy and avoid overspending
  • Checked Yes Quickly detect anomalies and risks
  • Checked Yes Make sure your credits are tracked properly and received

Auditing and fraud detection

Proactively monitor your mobile environment and conduct regular audits to ensure wireless billing accuracy and detect anomalies before they become risks. 

  • Monthly mobility audits compare actual invoices to contracted rates

  • Incorrect charges are automatically disputed, and credit requests are submitted and verified

  • Quality assurance and risk assessment included for every wireless bill

  • Proprietary detection algorithms catch fraudulent activity and redundant mobile devices and UEM services

  • Checked Yes Reduce potential risk and liability
  • Checked Yes Better understand financial impact with a clear view into devices and usage
  • Checked Yes Improve decision-making and future program planning
  • Checked Yes Create a positive workplace culture based on transparency and trust
  • Checked Yes Continuously monitor and quickly apply corrective measures when needed

Behavioral management

Empower your managers and create awareness with employees to help correct abusive/excessive behaviors. See data, international and spend overages, at employee or device level, with regular reporting and custom email or SMS-enabled alerts. 

For managers:

  • Visibility into direct reports’ usage, spend and inventory - by day of week or time of day

  • Access to total spend by carrier and category

  • Identification of redundant UEM services and new line activations

  • Budget / benchmark comparisons

  • Special consideration and logic available for VIPs

For employees:

  • Filtered usage and cost by device (in real-time and historical view)

  • Customizable and automated zero-use and threshold alerts

  • Comparison of actual spend vs. company policy

  • Checked Yes Improve IT security administration
  • Checked Yes Boost visibility and take quick, corrective actions
  • Checked Yes Protect your team and sensitive data
  • Checked Yes Ease migration workload
  • Checked Yes Lower your costs
  • Checked Yes Provide a better user experience with greater access, flexibility and efficiencies

UEM Endpoint managed services

Go beyond traditional mobile device security & management. Easily support, manage, and secure a wide range of endpoints, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and IoT devices, with complete visibility in a single pane of glass. 

  • UEM managed services and best-in-class mobility management software to deploy and maintain your UEM program across multiple platforms (Windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and others) and UEM software (Microsoft InTune, VMware Workspace ONE, Ivanti, SOTI MobiControl)

  • Experienced team, including VMware, Jamf and Microsoft certified engineers

  • Consultative UEM configuration with risk / benefit analysis

  • Proactive approach with feature sets to enhance deployment

  • ITIL-based UEM service delivery with proven operating models

  • Properly monitored and maintained enterprise mobility management

  • No caps on changes or project charges

  • Integrated support services

  • Checked Yes Protect your company against data breaches and other security incidents
  • Checked Yes Avoid liabilities, loss of revenue and damage to reputation
  • Checked Yes Better control costs and recover more devices
  • Checked Yes Increase productivity and save time with defined processes
  • Checked Yes Promote consistency and fairness across the company

Program compliance and policy development

Well-developed corporate mobile policies are key to preventing mobile device security threats and data breaches. 

Guarantee that your mobile devices and employees always comply with corporate policies and guidelines. Understand your risks and what you can do to mitigate them. Proactively communicate, monitor, and report to stakeholders with multiple sources of truth. 

  • Wireless policies that fit your specific business needs and help you reduce costs and recover more devices

  • Automated, customizable alerts and reports that promote accountability and strict compliance 

  • Real-time visibility inside the platform and on the mobile app 

  • Advanced integrations and proprietary detection algorithms that quickly identify hazards

Manage your mobility with confidence

Join thousands of professionals worldwide using vMOX to secure assets, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a positive experience for users. Take the first step on the road to mobile victory.