Plan and support

Get more done and score expert advice

Lean on wireless experts to help you stay ahead, save time and reduce your costs. Resolve mobile issues quickly so employees can get back to work and you get more done.

  • Checked Yes Improve productivity and streamline operations
  • Checked Yes Reduce errors and avoid delays
  • Checked Yes Achieve greater visibility and control
  • Checked Yes Reduce costs
  • Checked Yes Improve admin and user experience
  • Checked Yes Eliminate redundant tasks
  • Checked Yes Gain speed and scalability
  • Checked Yes Improve process compliance

Business workflow automation

Replace complex business processes or redundant tasks with technology-enabled automation to streamline your mobile operations. Connect your processes, people and insights across the company to reduce costs and optimize business performance. 

  • Support for over dozen mobile-specific use cases such as employee lifecycle management, device enforcement, order approvals, invoice retrieval and processing, cost center assignment, MDM platform compliance and asset management

  • Intelligent rules-driven business automation specifically designed for enterprise mobility using the vMOX workflow engine

  • Open collaboration and experts that meet you where you are in your automation journey

  • Timely analytics to inform workflow decisions

  • Comprehensive services from current state analysis, through configuration and deployment, to long-term maintenance and support

  • Checked Yes Initiate, negotiate, review, and close contracts faster
  • Checked Yes Gain visibility to compare rates and usage from peers and industries
  • Checked Yes Maximize provider/carrier incentives
  • Checked Yes Build strong relationships
  • Checked Yes Increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs
  • Checked Yes Reduce exposure to business risk
  • Checked Yes Eliminate mistakes and avoid surprises

Contract negotiations

Protect you and your company by negotiating more effective wireless contracts. Secure competitive rates, flexibility, and the best terms possible by using granular data and advanced analytics. Use an advocate with specialized wireless knowledge to save time and effort, and drive even better outcomes. 

  • Forward-thinking, data-driven negotiation strategies that focus on where you are going – not where you have been

  • Highly experienced teams armed with broad benchmarking data from virtually every industry across medium, large and global entities

  • Personalized approach that reflects device type and account structure

  • Support wherever you are - from re-signing mid or out of term to selecting a new carrier

  • Negotiation of critical, non-standard terms for enhanced savings

  • Services for both domestic and international agreements in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America


  • Checked Yes Deliver consistent, quality support
  • Checked Yes Improve ticket response times
  • Checked Yes Alleviate administrative headaches
  • Checked Yes Successfully manage growing ticket volumes
  • Checked Yes Get valuable insights with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Checked Yes Leverage our expertise and resources as your own
  • Checked Yes Refocus internal resources on strategic activities

End user service desk

According to Endsight, it takes IT teams on average 57 minutes to work on every ticket and less than 50% of tickets with helpdesk are closed on the same day.

Get rid of administrative headaches by outsourcing your employees’ corporate mobility issues and requests. Reduce soft costs and raise employee satisfaction with excellent customer service and prompt technical support solutions.

  • 24 x 7 x 365, follow the sun global support

  • 100% regional teams

  • Multiple contact methods

  • Employee satisfaction reporting

  • Personalized scripting

  • Autocaller recognition

  • Dynamic and VIP call routing

  • Flexibility to scale up or down as needs change

quotation mark

I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years. In the top 5 of all support ever experienced from the 2-support staff that handled my iPhone setup. As a consultant, direct client service and communication is critical in successful delivery of service. Your team members aced that service, with professionalism and an honest display of warmth in their styles. Highly recommend both of your staff that worked on my phone setup as mentors for new members of your team!

David B.

quotation mark

Knew exactly what to do and fixed super quick. Best technical support I have ever received!!! Tech was a Super Star!

Michael C.

quotation mark

Top notch customer service! No problems. Perfect, and very polite! A pleasure to speak with.

Timothy H.

  • Checked Yes Access deep, functional wireless expertise
  • Checked Yes Stay informed of market trends and new releases
  • Checked Yes Evolve your business and develop sound mobile strategies
  • Checked Yes Draw out more value from vMOX solutions
  • Checked Yes Ensure your corporate mobility program remains efficient and secure

Professional advisory services

Negotiate favorable contract terms and stay ahead of mobility demands and trends with complimentary consulting services and industry benchmarking. Boost your knowledge, find help for your toughest mobility decisions and avoid potential cost traps.

  • Strategic guidance on mobile devices, providers, service offerings, wireless trends, and more

  • Regular inspection of your unique environment and personalized recommendations as an unbiased, independent third-party

  • Skilled resources with real wireless experience (as provider and end-user) and sharp contract negotiation skills

  • Best practices and strategies for policy creation and adherence, international cost management, equipment purchasing, etc.

  • Procurement cost-benefit analyses

  • RFP management

  • Checked Yes Eliminate multitasking
  • Checked Yes Secure more competitive contracts
  • Checked Yes Realize more cost savings with timely actions
  • Checked Yes Reduce errors and achieve consistency
  • Checked Yes Ensure best practices are leveraged

Provider management

Tap into expert support and software-driven efficiency to better manage your provider and carrier relationships. Easily and quickly manage day-to-day mobile responsibilities with seamless carrier integrations. 

  • Line/device activations and deactivations, plan and feature changes, billing inquiries, and dispute resolution

  • Guided provider agreement negotiations

  • Through alternative provider analyses - completed in-house with no interaction with provider sales reps

  • Unique insights and best practices achieved from years of wireless experience and strong carrier relationships


  • Checked Yes Build forward-looking, green-friendly policies and practices
  • Checked Yes Reduce energy consumption
  • Checked Yes Reduce cost of mobile device and equipment
  • Checked Yes Modernize mobile equipment and extend maintenance periods
  • Checked Yes Increase performance and productivity
  • Checked Yes Reduce risk and improve security
  • Checked Yes Create a positive brand, image and reputation

Sustainable mobility

Recent research by McKinsey found that end-user devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and printers, generate 1.5 to 2.0 times more carbon globally than data centers. A growing problem, global e-waste volumes are also at an all-time high. 

When it comes to going green, you don't need to break the bank to save the planet. Learn how to capture carbon benefits and build enterprise mobility practices that are socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Environmental and sustainable policy development

  • Streamlined, automated and highly secure end-of-life management, including recovering, repurposing, reselling and recycling

  • Device purchasing and leasing advisory and best practices, including buy-back programs where devices are refurbished and offered for resale to the community

  • Eco-friendly procurement and logistics processes

  • Environmental and sustainable policy development

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