A centralized location to place and manage your mobile orders

Streamline all your wireless equipment purchasing across providers in a single platform. Use automation to simplify MACD management and ensure a squeaky-clean inventory over the lifetime of your program.

  • Checked Yes Simplify order management and enable user self-service
  • Checked Yes Save time by eliminating slow manual work
  • Checked Yes Achieve greater efficiencies
  • Checked Yes Relieve administrative headaches
  • Checked Yes Improve policy compliance
  • Checked Yes Reduce risk and avoid errors

Mobile device ordering and provisioning management

Eliminate mobile device procurement and provisioning bottlenecks and free up internal resources to focus on more strategic activities. Support your employees in the office or remote locations with an easy-to-use platform and additional resources when you need them.  

  • Modern online shopping experience

  • Pre-defined catalog customizable by department, role and level with sophisticated approval processes that align with corporate policies

  • Validation checks for order quality and accuracy

  • Fully automated, zero-touch order management process

  • Shipper APIs for proactive portal updates

  • Support for a range of device types from smartphones to tablets, MiFi devices and more

  • Checked Yes Find relief from repetitive MACD tasks
  • Checked Yes Increase visibility into mobile environment
  • Checked Yes Reduce costs and generate savings
  • Checked Yes Improve invoice accuracy and prevent overcharging
  • Checked Yes Avoid paying for unused services
  • Checked Yes Plan for future needs with actionable insights

MACD order management and optimization

The complexity of the telecom industry and constant activity within your business can make it hard to keep up with service changes. 

Remove the hassle and headaches involved with wireless move, add, change or delete services. Make sure your MACD service requests are properly recorded, tracked and reported. Take advantage of automated managed services for faster processing, optimized catalog management and reduced costs. 


  • Checked Yes Give employees the freedom to get the device they want
  • Checked Yes Share cost responsibility with employees to reduce financial impact
  • Checked Yes Easily define a company-provided device allowance in catalog
  • Checked Yes Remove burden on Finance team to manage collections
  • Checked Yes Overcome carrier limitations on split payments
  • Checked Yes Enable ABM, Knox, etc. flows due to continued fulfillment by carriers
  • Checked Yes Normalize equipment charges back to cost centers during allocation

Self-pay services

Allow your employees to purchase mobile devices with personal funds through employee Self-Pay. It's easy. We take care of the entire process and place the order on your carrier accounts.  

Funds collected from employee payments are paid directly to the company as part of month-end closing procedures. Any remaining balances, after employer discounting, are charged to the employee's own credit card and you're welcome to cover some of the device costs if you choose. 

At vMOX, we take a different approach from others in the industry, placing security and user experience at the center of our Self-Pay service. We never touch or store sensitive data, and there is no swivel chair action between employees and systems. This ensures your mobile payment process is secure, error-free and fast. 


Manage your mobility with confidence

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