All in for the WWAN win

Go wireless-first with confidence. Improve visibility and reduce your costs with specialized automation and optimization focused on 5G and 4G/LTE enterprise wireless WAN technology.

70 %
of enterprises will have implemented SD-WAN by 2026 (Gartner)
50 %
of organizations that use 4G/5G connectivity as using it as the only WAN link in locations/branches (Cradlepoint)
67 %
of IT decision-makers are confident 5G will deliver promised benefits within the next year (Cradlepoint)
30 %
of enterprises will use SDCI (software defined cloud interconnect) to connect to CSPs by 2025 (Gartner)
The future of WAN is wireless

Confidently manage your SD-WAN environment

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has become critical and a key component of modern connectivity for enterprises. 

Using 5G / 4G LTE is a reliable, flexible and efficient way to deliver your enterprise network across all your remote locations, and it's growing in favor over wireline services like Cable Broadband. However, without the right tools and expertise, it can be expensive to implement and difficult to maintain.

Introducing specialized automation and optimization focused on 5G / 4G LTE technology, a service you will only find at vMOX.

Control your wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) technology and billing costs and improve visibility without sacrificing any of the benefits. It’s traditional network access for large companies seen through a mobility lens. Perfect if you:

  • Have hundreds or thousands of locations, assets and people

  • Operate in a vertical such as banking, events and hospitality, healthcare, logistics, oil and gas, food service or retail

  • Include spend management and security as key business priorities

  • Have understaffed teams or those that lack a deep expertise in wireless WAN

  • Desire a proactive, modern approach to managing your SD-WAN environment

leave traditional WWAN approaches behind

Make the right move with trusted software and specialists

Take advantage of vMOX's zero-waste WWAN Cost Optimization and Lifecycle Management solution using real-time data, Network Management System (NMS) integrations and a powerful logic engine to remove your “cost of network insurance” while avoiding large overage risk. 

It's comprehensive network transformation support from procurement to maintenance and everything in between from wireless experts. You move beyond just reducing usage to only buying what you truly need. Get dedicated support and easily save 50 to 70% on your wireless WAN costs with:

  • Real-time WWAN optimization services

  • The ability to monitor circuits and flip services and plans on demand

  • Exclusive cell tower / carrier design tools

  • Location-based reporting to identify the best primary and secondary providers with 5G/LTE coverage

  • Network service visibility / inventory across carriers

  • Expert contract negotiation and advisory services 

Manage your mobility with confidence

Join thousands of professionals using vMOX to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a positive experience for users. Take the first step on the road to mobile victory.