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vMOX takes care of all of your mobility administration headaches, freeing up valuable time for your team.

vMOX doesn’t just reduce your mobility costs. We help you manage your entire corporate mobility environment. We’ll handle all the time-consuming management activities – including interactions with service providers, carrier negotiations, service moves, adds and changes, inventory management, device procurement and policy development and enforcement - on your behalf. And we’ll do it even as your needs grow and change.

Provider Management

Our team handles the tedious day-day-tasks, so your team can be more strategic

vMOX helps you better manage your relationship with your mobility service providers. We take on the laborious activities such line/device activations, deactivations, plan and feature changes and billing inquiries and disputes, with software-driven efficiency, thanks to our seamless integration with carrier systems. These automated transactions are not only more efficient, they're more reliable, consistent, and accurate than traditional manual interactions. This reduces errors, eliminates multi-tasking and enables you to realize the savings and related benefits associated with these orders as quickly as possible. 

With years of industry experience and strong carrier relationships, our team is also available to assist with provider agreement negotiations. Whether it's benchmark assessments and contract reviews, or negotiating better terms, discounts and new devices, our unique industry insight can help secure the most advantageous agreements available. We work with providers every day, so you'll benefit from the aggregate knowledge we've gained from working with thousands of customers.

If changing providers is a viable option for you, we can conduct an extensive alternative provider analysis on your behalf. Our software overlays available competitive provider rate plans onto your usage profile to see what your costs would be under other provider plans. Our analysis evaluates all options, and takes intro account one-time charges like early termination fees and equipment transition costs. It’s all done in-house, with no interaction with provider sales reps, eliminating the need to go through a time-consuming, distracting and costly RFP process.


Inventory Management

Centralized management of all company-owned devices, regardless of provider, platform or type

Our online inventory management system provides detailed information for each device in your environment, including:

  • Device make and model, SIM and other serial numbers
  • User data, including assigned employee name, group and division
  • Usage detail for voice, data, messaging and international services, including trending analysis
  • Real-time information on enabled features, plans and blocked services
  • Historical detail by month for each distinct device
  • Contract details, including Early Termination Fees and Upgrade Eligibility timeframes

You can also map devices to your corporate locations to view details on inventory, spend and other analytics based on country, region, state and individual office.

Device Mapping

Device Mapping

Device Details     

Device Details


Device Procurement


Streamline equipment purchasing activities across all providers

The procurement functionality of the vMOX portal enables your organization to utilize a single platform to order mobile devices and accessories from all of your providers.  Offer an advanced online shopping experience to your IT team members, or directly to your employees, while still maintaining complete control of the process.  Users securely order from a pre-defined catalog of mobile devices and accessories appropriate to their department, role, and level, and customized approval layers protect against abuse.

  • Orders are submitted directly to providers, added to the appropriate billing account, and tracked via the portal
  • Equipment can be shipped to corporate offices or directly to end users' homes
  • All order review and approval routing is defined based on your policies and guidelines
  • Procurement module can be used as a standalone system, branded with your logo and colors or integrated into corporate or third party employee systems
white_Device Procurement.png

Policy Development & Enforcement

An official and enforceable mobility policy is a vital, yet often overlooked, component of any corporate mobility environment

Many enterprises lack formal mobility guidelines, or have outdated ones in place. Our team matches current industry best practices with your mobility strategy and organizational goals to help develop and implement clear and concise policies for every component of your mobility environment, including:

icon_Policy D&E.png
  • International travel
  • Security
  • Password strategy
  • Lost/Stolen device procedures
  • Device recovery
  • Device recycling
  • Equipment eligibility
  • Procurement process
  • Support
  • Insurance
  • Acceptable Use guidelines
  • Penalties for policy violations

We work with your team to ensure all policies, and subsequent modifications, are effectively communicated to your entire organization. This includes providing employees and managers monthly usage summaries and benchmark comparisons. As technology and industry trends evolve, we ‘ll recommend appropriate adjustments to keep your policies aligned with your corporate goals.