security controls

Security and compliance you can trust

We know that cybersecurity is a top priority. vMOX applies and imposes the same strict standards and data security controls that you do internally for your company. You can trust us to follow leading security practices, protect your sensitive information and meet your expectations today and in the future.

Compliance and certifications

We follow strict international standards and regulations across the company.

information security management

Engage with confidence

Protecting all data is of the utmost importance at vMOX. Our information security management program (ISMP) is specifically designed to ensure the security of all of our systems and the confidentiality of all client information.

We accomplish this by continually evaluating risks to our operations and improving the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our vMOX environment. We regularly review and update security policies, perform application and network security testing of our environment, and monitor compliance with security policies.

In addition to ISO 27001, vMOX continues to invest, iterate, and expand its security and technology program and policies. 

View our extensive technology and security policies, all designed to keep your information private and secure.

Third-party risk mangement

Properly select and assess vendors for security

The number of data breaches continues to rise every year despite more spending on cybersecurity, and the crimes themselves are growing in sophistication and frequency. Industry experts estimate that about 60 percent of all data breaches happen via third-party vendors. While very few vendors actually achieve ISO 27001 certification, assuring customers they follow best practices in cybersecurity, we do.

Use these tips to select and assess your mobility management vendors and their dedication to information security and ISO 27001:2013 standards:

  • Compliant, Certified or Neither - Aligned and certified are NOT the same. Inquiry why the vendor didn’t take the final step? Did they fail the audit? Were they previously certified and failed to meet the ongoing required standards? Or is information security not a priority?

  • Validity of Certificate - Check the vendor’s certificate expiration date and the body who issued. Is the certificate still valid and was it issued by a certified body?

  • Relevant Scope - Think about the activities you want your mobility vendor to perform and where. Does the scope provide adequate (or superior) coverage or is there gaps?

  • Meeting Expectations - Make sure the information security controls meet your company's needs and expectations. The ISO 27001 certification process is an ongoing and evolving process. Your vendor should be committed to continuous improvement and be able to adapt to a changing business climate.

General Data Protection Regulation

vMOX and GDPR compliance

You can be assured that vMOX will handle your data in a secure and compliant manner according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that protects the privacy and personal data of EU citizens.

  • vMOX has implemented robust security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, loss, or theft. We also have strict data protection policies and procedures in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data we handle.

  • vMOX has processes in place to handle any data subject requests and assist you in fulfilling your obligations towards data subjects.

  • vMOX enters into the EU’s Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) that clearly define the terms of our data processing obligations and ensures that all parties we contract with are compliant with GDPR requirements.


Our commitment to privacy

vMOX takes our responsibility to protect your privacy seriously. We are committed to respecting your privacy by being transparent about how we acquire and use your information, giving you control of your information and preferences, and holding ourselves to the highest national and international standards, including CCPA and GDPR compliance. 

Learn how vMOX and our affiliates collect, use, dispose and protect your personal information.