June 15, 2020

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobility Help Desk

In today’s business world the efficiency of a company’s IT department directly impacts the productivity of their employees.  Most organizations have entire IT departments on-site to help deal with day-today user issues, while also monitoring the network and systems. But the continual changes in technology, devices, software, providers, regulations and cyber threats make it challenging to keep IT department employees trained and armed with the most updated information. The IT staff is being stretched to the breaking point keeping up with the demands of network and hardware maintenance while also helping employees in times of need. That’s a major reason why it is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes to offload some or all of their IT help desk services to a third-party provider. Everything from desktop troubleshooting to mobile device support can be handled remotely by a third party, allowing your IT department to focus on important initiatives for your business. 

Mobile device support is one help desk function that fits this model perfectly.  Mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. - have become crucial to most employees, but with new devices, plans, and features, it’s hard for most IT departments to keep up. Offloading this function to a specialized provider ensures that experts – people who exclusively deal with mobility - will always field employee calls and work their issues. Here are a few reasons that businesses have cited for choosing outsourced IT help desk services:

  • Lower Costs – There’s no longer a need to recruit, hire and train staff, and those costs, and salary and benefits, go away.  Plus, expenses related to office space and the purchase and maintenance of phone systems, computers and software used in the help desk environment are also eliminated. 

  • Improved Employee Productivity - Office workers won’t have to wait on in-house staff to solve problems, and IT employees won’t be bogged down with everyday user issues. Employees enjoy greater up-time and the IT department can focus on long-term priorities.

  • Increased Breadth and Depth of Knowledge –General internal IT employees can only have so much expertise. The help desk provider hires best-in-breed experts with specialized knowledge to address specific needs. They track trends and changes and are always on top of technology.  

  • Address Support Gaps – Outsourcing allows you to more easily solve language, time-zone and peak/busy season coverage gaps inherent with in-house teams.

  • Turn-key Solution - There’s no need to buy and update task management software, stage a call center, or implement new business office procedures to make sure all help desk requests are being addressed. It’s all included, and regularly updated, as part of the service.

vMOX offers a staffed, customizable Mobile Service Desk solution that interacts directly with end users. Our experts handle the troubleshooting and vendor interactions – including provisioning a new device, walking through the setup, changing plans/features, device management, or answering questions about a bill - so the customer can focus on running their business. For example, we implemented a fully-integrated Service Desk solution in 45 days for a large waste management firm, which enabled significantly faster and more efficient ticket resolution while removing the workload from the customer.

While the advancement of IT systems, mobile technology and software have made it possible for employees to achieve more each day, it also has the potential to grind productivity to a halt when there are major issues. Let your IT team focus on more strategic issues and have outside experts focus, who do this for a living, focus on fielding and solving help desk requests.

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