Sub-processors used by vMOX

Below is a list of sub-processors that vMOX engages in the ordinary course of business, along with the location in which each sub-process processes data, and the general service(s) they provide. vMOX limits data sharing with the various sub-processors only as necessary with respect to the personal data it receives and in accordance with our privacy policy.

  • ABS Communication LLC, USA, Operational Support
  • Amazon Web Services Inc, USA, Cloud Services Provider
  • Convergence Analytics bv, EU, Operations Support
  • e-Cycle Inc., USA, Operational Support
  • G2 Crowd, Inc, USA, Marketing and Sales Support
  • G Squared Wireless LLC, USA, Operational Support
  • Hubspot, Inc., USA, Marketing and Sales Support
  • LiveChat, Inc., USA, Marketing and Sales Support
  • Mobile reCell LLC, USA, Operational Support
  • MTech MDM, LLC, USA, Operations Support
  • Peripheral, LLC, USA, UEM support
  • Partners Connections, Inc dba ConectUS Wireless, USA, Operations Support
  • Telecom Brokerage, Inc., USA (Acquired by AppDirect), Operational Support
  • Weeldi LLC, USA, Operations Support
  • Zoom Info Technologies LLC, USA, Marketing and Sales Support

vMOX is committed to ensuring that all of its sub-processors have the appropriate legal and security safeguards in place to ensure that your data will remain protected to the highest standards. This means vMOX and sub-processor either entered into a Data Processing Agreement (together with Standard Contractual Clauses, where applicable) or sufficient data processing language, to ensure all sub-processors have supplementary measures in place, where applicable.

Should vMOX need to designate further sub-processors or make any changes to the existing sub-processors, vMOX will modify the above list to reflect such changes.