December 7, 2021

December 2021 Product Release Update

Order Automation for Can-Am Mobile Accessories

  • Clients with the mobile accessory vendor Can-Am IT Solutions are enjoying a shorter turnaround delivery cycle thanks to the integration into Can-Am’s ordering platform. vMOX’s entitlement engine provides granular review and approval of orders being requested by end users. If an end user requests an accessory via Can-Am, that request is routed directly to the Can-Am team for completion. All tracking and confirmation information is returned to the user order with a proactive notification as that order leaves the Can-Am warehouse.

Oracle iProcurement PunchOut integration with vMOX OnePortal

  • End users no longer need to leave the supplier network to request devices. With the vMOX Oracle iProcurement PunchOut integration, your request is now routed automatically through the procurement portal within Oracle.  

ServiceNow Enhancement - Easy Returns

  • Clients can now login to ServiceNow and request a return label for any device that requires a return to the vMOX logistics center. This process is virtually zero touch. The user will receive the label within seconds of their request and be ready to return their device for grading and processing. The request is tracked to final delivery via direct ties to major shipping couriers such as FedEx and UPS.

Product Details Added to the vMOX OnePortal

  • A product detail section has been added to the Order Details page in the vMOX OnePortal that shows product model, color and size; IMEI; ICCID; and end user contact and phone. Additionally, Order Info was renamed to Order Summary and the product field in the Shipping Details section now shows the model, color, and size.

Granting Delegate Access

  • Clients can now grant delegate access to their account so another user can act on their behalf if necessary. For example, when ordering and provisioning devices.  A typical use case is an executive delegating ordering and approval authority to administrator. 

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortal.

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