March 10, 2022

March 2022 Product Release Update

ServiceNow Integration Enhancements

  • vMOX logistics customers, this ServiceNow enhancement allows you to now perform real-time lookups of available inventory before moving an order through the lifecycle. The result is a better user experience with feedback on inventory status within the logistics program. The system will also programmatically respond if there’s insufficient inventory to complete a request.

Extension of Employee Delegation in the Order Approval Process

  • Now customer can decide which delegates do (or do not) have approval permissions. Additionally, delegates will receive an email notification to approve or deny a request.

More Flexibility with Device Returns

  • Logistics customers can now enjoy more granularity and flexibility as part of the device returns and shipping label generation. Mobile program administrators can specifically configure how return labels should be generated for their organization, toggling on/off the shipping label generation by specific request type.

  • You can also now request a shipping label, when needed, directly through the vMOX interface. You don’t need to wait anymore for a lifecycle event to trigger the label or create a support ticket.


A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortal.


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