February 7, 2022

6 Signs It’s Time to Move On From Your Enterprise Mobility Vendor/Supplier

You just want the absolute best for your company — and yourself. Or maybe you face new device, budget and IT staffing challenges that didn’t exist three years ago that your existing enterprise mobility management vendor or supplier just can’t solve for. Whatever your reason, there are often signs that enough is enough, and it’s time to move on. No relationship (in work or life) is problem-free, but here are some indications that you need make a change with your outsourced MMS provider:

  1. Your trust is broken (again and again). There are some vendor/supplier relationships where too much damage has been done over time, and there is no hope for trust to be rebuilt.

  2. Promises are never followed through on. No matter how many times your vendor/supplier makes you a promise to change, improve SLA’s or add that mobility feature that was initially sold, they never do. They rarely follow through or keep their word.

  3. You don’t feel like you are heard. If your vendor/supplier doesn’t actively listen, ignores your business needs, or silences customer feedback, you need to move forward.

  4. The relationship is not 50:50. You realize that you’re the one that is always bending and sacrificing so you can have successful business outcomes. That your vendor/supplier is rigid and uncooperative. If it’s always their way and on their time, it’s time to find explore a relationship where you are treated as an equal.

  5. When words never match actions. Some vendors/suppliers ask to be taken back and forgiven after years of lying and inconsistencies. You can only tolerate so much when words do not match actions.

  6. When you think back, you honestly can’t remember the last time you felt genuinely satisfied with your mobility management relationship. No job or vendor/supplier should make you feel stressed or unhappy.

It takes strength and courage to decide to leave a poor vendor/supplier relationship, especially one that has been around for a long time or is complicated by various stakeholders. However, it will be well worth it in the end when you find the right vendor/supplier and enterprise mobility success.

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