February 21, 2023

The Unhelpful Service Desk: How to Avoid the Consequences of Poor Mobile Support

We’ve all been there. When you’re having a technical issue with your mobile devices or applications, nothing makes the problem worse than inadequate support. It’s as though you can hear the seconds tick away as you await a resolution. All the while, the work that relies on functional technology goes undone, increasing your frustration.

Beyond being inconvenienced as a user, the consequences of a poor IT helpdesk or service desk are significant for your organization. Here are seven ways your business might be impacted:

  1. Misuse of time: When your company’s employees have to spend a lot of time trying to get an answer from the helpdesk or have to follow up repeatedly to have an issue addressed, time is wasted.
  2. Loss of productivity: When employees’ mobile devices and applications aren’t working properly, they are unable to do their jobs.
  3. Decreased morale: Continual tech issues, along with the inability to get them resolved, can negatively impact your employees’ states of mind and spread negativity throughout the workplace.
  4. Unhappy customers: When tech issues inevitably impact your company’s ability to deliver services to your customers, they will become dissatisfied as well.
  5. Lost revenue: Sustained levels of lower productivity among your employees and dissatisfied customers can result in lost revenue for the company.
  6. Diminished trust: When users lose confidence in your IT helpdesk’s ability to resolve issues in a timely or effective manner, they also will begin to lose trust in your ability to manage your core business.
  7. Reputation damage: All of the above factors can result in a damaged reputation in the eyes of your team and your customers. 

How To Avoid These Consequences 

With your company’s reliance on mobile technology, planning for helpdesk or service desk support shouldn't be an afterthought. Here are three key steps to ensure you’re on the right track. 

  • Assess your helpdesk inquiries: First, understand your organization’s most typical support inquiries. Do your support personnel need specialized expertise in a certain area? Do you have mostly service requests for faulty equipment? Password resets? Connectivity interruption reports? License updates? Security questions? Application-specific requests?
  • Identify your helpdesk access requirements: In addition to the types of questions, you need to know when and how inquiries must be handled. Do you need 24 x 7 x 365 availability? What is an acceptable time-to-resolution or service level agreement (SLA)? Do you need support delivered through multiple channels, such as phone, text, web, email, chat, forums etc.? Can you use bots and machine learning to speed up time-to-resolution?
  • Select your ideal service model: Lastly, when considering the extent of your helpdesk needs, decide what service model will work best. Can you get by with a self-service model? Will an internal service desk suffice? Or will an expert third-party service desk best address your needs? 

Why Outsourcing Your Mobile Service Desk Could Be the Answer

The surefire way to avoid the negative impact of providing poor wireless support is to call on experts. Here are several ways outsourcing your end user mobile service desk to a partner like vMOX may benefit your organization:

•    24 x 7 x 365, follow-the-sun global support
•    100 percent regional teams
•    Multichannel contact methods (e.g., voice, text, email, chat, etc.)
•    Specialized technology and mobile expertise
•    Increased IT ticket response times
•    Scalability to manage fluctuations in ticket volume
•    Consistent, quality support 
•    Employee satisfaction reporting
•    Customized scripting
•    Autocaller recognition
•    Dynamic and VIP call routing
•    Detailed reporting and analytics

In addition to these benefits, outsourcing your IT helpdesk or service desk simply alleviates the administrative headaches that come with managing one internally. Employees can spend less time with wireless issues and focus on operational goals and strategic initiatives, while you confidently provide a pleasant and consistent end user experience. 

Need quick, reliable and accurate wireless support? Connect with a vMOX expert today. Curious what's trending in IT support? Check out our recent podcast - A Look at the Enterprise Mobility Service Desk of the Future

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