July 7, 2021

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vMOX explained. Much more than expense management. A conversation with Mike Saxby, VP at vMOX.

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Show Notes:

In this episode we learn how Mike Saxby, VP at vMOX, started out in the channel and his views on leading an award winning channel sales organization. Even though expense management was the foundation vMOX was built on, it is so much more. Mobility does not have to be difficult.

Mike describes vMOX has a four leg stool:
1. Telecom Expense Management
2. Lifecycle Management
3. Help Desk (Extension of the end users organization)
4. Logistics, Move, add, change, disconnect.

We touch on:
- Corporate owned devices vs BYOD. Pros and cons.
- What’s an ideal prospect look like.
- Why would an organization choose vMOX.

He also address the security concerns around not using vMOX, an important topic every business leader needs to be concerned with.

Music- "Right Now"- Van Halen

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