June 15, 2022

June 2022 Product Release Update

Chat+PictureOnePortal Chat

  • You will (very) soon have a faster and more convenient way to get in touch with vMOX and get support through live chat. Chat is available at any location within the portal to Service (Help) Desk clients and plans are underway to extend the functionality to the vMOBILITY mobile application.

Localization and Internationalization

  • Users are now able to go into Preferences settings to set a specific time zone, preferred date format and/or currency, driving global visibility throughout OnePortal.
  • Mobile bills within OnePortal now also display the currency in which they were imported. The exchange rates normalize costs when viewing multiple bills.  
  • Other internationalization features coming up next:
    • Correct cost representation on all ticket requests
    • Accurate display order information and support for international provider device purchase models
    • End user email updates
    • Month-end reporting


Location+PictureBusiness Unit / Sub-Location Improvements

  • Executive users are now identified as a sublocations within OnePortal, allowing these specific stakeholders greater operational segmentation and improved visibility.
  • Now, when a location is selected on an employee profile, users will see a new button that allows a location address to be stored on the employee for easy data creation and modification.

Improved Custom Reporting Performance

  • Have a lot of data? Say goodbye to potential custom reporting delays in OnePortal. The entire architecture has been redesigned to support large scale data sets with immediate result delivery.  

Added Detail When Reassigning a Line Between Two Users with the Same Name

  • Customers now see additional information, including email address and state abbreviation, when assigning or reassigning a device to a contact in OnePortal to better differentiate users with the same name.

Enhanced Employee Lookup

  • Employee look-up has been enhanced to include employee ID. This functionality has been deployed to inventory search, employee search, and global search.

Improved Search

Users now have improved search capabilities and better feedback after a ‘no results’ response in the interface.

Added Visibility Over Lifecycle Management

  • Whether or not executives have employees reporting directly to them, they can now see all lifecycle management pages, making approval decisions faster and easier. 

New Columns on Phone Lines tab

  • Users can now quickly determine the status of a mobile line from the list view without diving into the details. The ‘create date’ of phone lines from that tab has been replaced with ‘status’ to provide more meaningful information to users.

New Quick Copy Address Feature

  • A new button has been added to the employee profile screen so you can quickly copy the address of a company location into the employee shipment address fields. This will help reduce potential data entry errors and time spent manually entering employee information.

Custom Columns and Bulk Employee Data Uploads

  • vMOX offers several options for loading employee data into the application.  With this release, all custom columns have been added as available header options for the user when using the bulk employee load template.

Removal of Early Termination Fee Display

  • In order to provide you with more accurate data, vMOX is working to refine the early termination fee calculation. As such, we have temporarily removed the fee visibility from the application and will provide updates as this enhancement progresses.

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortal.

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