March 7, 2022

Forrester's Future of Employee Computing Report



Forrester+Future+of+Employee+Computing_Report+ImageAI, Sensors, and 5G Will Create a Better Employee Device Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic proved just how important a solid employee computing strategy is to business continuity, employee experience, and security. As we move into the future of work, tech leaders are prioritizing what employee devices, apps, and services will improve the anywhere-work experience for both knowledge and frontline workers.

Prepare For The Future Of Employee Computing Now

Forrester offers a future vision of employee computing that is personalized, intelligent, adaptive, ambient, and collaborative. Inside this report, Forrester explores where the biggest benefits can be gained, the technologies that will create a better employee device experience, and roadblocks to avoid. Also, discover three steps Forrester recommends to prepare your organization for a computing evolution. 

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