November 3, 2021

3 Reasons to Outsource Employee Lifecycle Management

Using Expert Partners and Workflow Automation to Support the Onboarding and Offboarding of Employees and Their Mobile Devices

Business mobility is on the rise – no doubt about it. As mobile devices become more sophisticated and wireless bandwidth more available, businesses like yours can support increasingly distributed teams working remotely – from home offices or on the go.

At the same time, the increasing value of mobile devices, including the data they contain, and the growing numbers of remote workers (and employee resignations) are driving businesses like yours to rethink how they're securing and tracking mobile assets. Strong employee lifecycle management — from onboarding to separation — is the answer for companies of all sizes.

Leveraging workflow automation, employee lifecycle management supports the onboarding and offboarding of employees and their mobile devices through all phases, including:

  • Procure and Provision

  • Repair and Reuse

  • Retire (Resale or Recycle)

Here are three primary reasons why your business needs employee lifecycle management and how a managed mobility services provider like vMOX can help.

Reason #1 - Outsourced Employee Lifecycle Management Protects Your Mobile Assets

Your business spends a lot of money outfitting your employees with the latest mobile devices. Constant technological improvements and innovations mean new versions with greater capabilities are released more frequently than ever before. Employee lifecycle management protects these assets and controls them. Here's how:

When an employee joins your company, they're issued a mobile device with features and capabilities aligned to their job role. Sometimes that device is brand new and sometimes it's an older model that was previously used by another employee and put back into inventory. In the latter case, wiping the device of any personal identifying information (PII) of the previous owner, or company data that the new user isn't authorized to access, is vital for maintaining privacy and security.

An enterprise mobility management partner like vMOX specializes in setting up devices for your new employees to ensure they have the correct applications and security parameters. And they can take care of kitting them with device cases, screen protectors, chargers, etc., that are right for that particular device.

Strong employee lifecycle management is also essential when your employees request or require equipment upgrades or repairs. You can set parameters to determine when a phone or tablet will be replaced and when it will be repaired according to your corporate device policy, which supports asset control and reduces costs by extending the life of those assets.

Additionally, as mobile devices change hands, a mobile lifecycle management partner or platform can manage and track the process, ensuring you're not paying for any assets that are not in use.

Reason #2 - Outsourced Employee Lifecycle Management Controls Mobile Costs

Between activation and decommissioning of a device, usage needs to be monitored and managed to optimize monthly plan spend. A partner like vMOX can analyze and report on high- and low-usage times, set real-time alerts for device users who are at risk of exceeding predetermined thresholds, or even trigger a remote kill switch to prevent a device user from racking up data overages.

vMOX's patented software utilizes a specialized algorithm to compare your mobile plans to usage trends – overuse and underuse. Armed with that information, specialists can recalibrate your plan with your wireless carrier to avoid expensive overages or paying for data that's not used. Uniquely, vMOX optimizes monthly recurring spending every month -- rather than once a quarter as is the industry norm -- to match your rate plans more closely to current usage patterns.

Reason #3 - Outsourced Employee Lifecycle Management Extends Your Team

Another important reason for outsourcing is that you gain valuable resources that become an extension of your team. It eases the burden on IT, HR, Procurement, Logistics, Finance—in some cases, saving your company the costs of three additional full-time hires.

In addition, enlisting the services of a professional mobile lifecycle management team means trained specialists are singularly focused on optimizing your mobile spend and protecting your mobile assets. This level of expertise and focus results in fewer errors, oversights and missteps, saving your business even more money.

Overlooking employee lifecycle management or expecting IT to fit it into their already overloaded schedules can be costly and increase security risks. A partner like vMOX can not only monitor employees and their mobile devices throughout the lifecycle but also provide reporting and recommendations on trends and adjustments along the way, protecting your assets and controlling costs.

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