September 21, 2023

The Benefits of Outsourcing MACD Management: Streamlining Your Telecom Operations

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of MACD orders? We’re not talking about climate change, but Move, Add, Change, and Delete/Disconnect (MACD) service requests in the world of telecom.

Streamlining MACD operations is vital, but where do you start? MACDs touch a variety of enterprise mobility management areas, including:

  • Procuring devices
  • Determining approved devices and accessories
  • Overseeing inventory
  • Adding/terminating lines
  • Changing features
  • Onboarding employees
  • Streamlining logistics
  • Managing device turnover
  • Accommodating employee travel
  • Matching devices to job functions
  • Monitoring policies
  • Analyzing device data and usage behavior

The task list is long, and the impact is significant. It can be overwhelming to handle all those requests while trying to keep your business sailing smoothly. You can’t simply “set and forget” MACD activity – it’s tedious and ongoing. For this reason, in addition to many others, companies often outsource MACD management to a managed mobility service provider like vMOX.

Let’s dive deep into the benefits of outsourcing MACD management and how it can bring some much-needed relief to your daily IT operations.

Managing the MACD Process: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Mobile device ordering and provisioning management include a lot of tasks and processes – that is if you’re doing it correctly. Many businesses focus only on the “A” in MACD, adding lines and devices as needed. In this situation, your mobile business might be functioning OK, but you might be throwing a lot of money out the window by having a lot of unused assets lying around collecting dust and posing security risks. Outsourcing can address the complete management from end to end.

For IT leaders, here are a few other benefits of outsourcing MACD operations:

  • Access expertise – The No. 1 reason to tap a partner for outsourced MACD management is the expertise. Keeping up with service and device changes is a complex task that can be streamlined by a partner with the proper background and software solutions.
  • Save time and effort – Managing MACDs can take a lot of time for your team if your enterprise mobility program is sizable. Outsourcing MACD management enables your team to prioritize other tasks.
  • Reduce or eliminate errors – MACDs are tedious and endless, making this area of mobility management more prone to error without systems and checks and balances in place.
  • Manage multiple carriers – MACDs are especially time-consuming if your business uses multiple carriers. The time and effort of managing MACDs is compounded when you must go to one carrier portal for some tasks and another for others. And, if you have a large footprint, perhaps you’ll need to access a third or fourth carrier portal. Outsourcing carrier management to a partner like vMOX, for example, gives you access to our OnePortal, a centralized place to manage carrier relationships.
  • Manage international carriers – Juggling carriers becomes increasingly difficult when they’re international. Managed mobility services (MMS) providers like vMOX with international expertise can streamline your international MACD processes.
  • Improve cost allocation – When an outsourced MMS provider can focus on assigning inventory to the correct employee in the appropriate departments or business units, you can push expenses back into proper cost centers.
  • Speed up onboarding – MACD experts can easily onboard employees, automating certain pieces of the process and ensuring the appropriately configured devices are in employees’ hands more quickly.
  • Enable self-service – An MMS partner like vMOX can provide a customizable catalog that enforces role and level approval processes that align with corporate policies. It also can give the employee more visibility into the process while only being allowed to select appropriate devices at appropriate upgrade intervals.
  • Automate order management – vMOX, for example, provides a fully automated, zero-touch order management process and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Tighten security – Unused and excess devices present a security risk because even though they might have been shoved in a drawer, they still contain data that could endanger the user or the company if compromised. Outsourcing MACD management to the experts ensures a tighter hold on your inventory and these unused devices.
  • Streamline logistics – Buttoning up the MACD process will also help streamline your logistics process. vMOX provides shipper APIs for proactive portal updates so you always know the status of shipments.
  • Explore integration possibilities – Shipper APIs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation and integration MMS providers should be able to provide advanced integrations to add efficiencies to the processes surrounding MACD management.
  • Centralize management – Working with a partner like vMOX gives you visibility and control in a single pane of glass through the vMOX OnePortal – even with multiple carriers and countries.
  • Tap into analysis – Using a partner for MACD management should provide you with significantly more data visibility and analysis capability than you had previously. vMOX, for example, offers granular data mining ability to help with administration and management decisions.
  • Maximize cost control – Outsourcing MACD management to an expert partner will maximize cost control by providing additional visibility, correctly allocating cost, and appropriately accounting for each piece of your mobile inventory.

The benefits of outsourcing MACD management are many, but the real win is finding a partner that can optimize your enterprise mobility program. The experts at vMOX can help you manage all the moving parts and control inventory, access, and cost like never before, avoiding choppy waters.

Want to learn how vMOX can support your MACD service requests and optimize your management processes? Connect with a vMOX expert today.

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