June 8, 2022

Partner Pulse: The Tech Talent Crunch and Why Automation is the Answer


Podcast Episode Description

The Great Resignation is far from over and job loyalty seems to be disappearing. HR and benefits are also undergoing a huge transformation to adjust to the new reality. Running an IT department has never been easy, but it’s gotten a lot more difficult now.

In this episode, vMOX Director of Marketing Andrea Libey talks with Symplicity Communications CEO and President Catherine Behrenbrinker and vMOX Senior Channel Sales Manager Justin Mincher about how the talent shortage is affecting the technology industry, the role of mobile devices in recruiting and how IT automation is being used to make employees happier and more productive.

Featured Guest

Catherine Behrenbrinker, CEO and President at Symplicity Communications, Inc., a technology company. A West Michigan native and GVSU alumni, Catherine founded Symplicity Communications, Inc. in 2007 after putting herself through college as a single mother of two with the dream of making an impact in the world of business. Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1996 in International Relations, minoring in French and studying Japanese, Catherine has used this talent throughout her career with working with global companies headquartered in United States, Germany and Israel before settling into the telecommunications industry in 2003. Now in the 16th year, she has helped make IT and telecom “Symple” for hundreds of businesses by providing them with a deeper understanding of how they can improve their technology strategies.

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