December 7, 2023

Real Talk: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Mobile Management Journey


Podcast Episode Description

It's not uncommon for organizations to hire mobility management vendors to save money on their wireless bills, only to see the initial savings disappear after a few years. Without a clear understanding of the reasons why,  frustration can easily build leading to friction between you and your vendor.  By using a benchmark or maturity model to assess your enterprise mobility program, organizations can see continuous improvement, manage expectations properly and develop strong action plans. So, what does this maturity model look like?

In this episode, we talk about the enterprise mobility journey and why it’s important for companies to understand the key management stages and touchpoints. We chat about what you can realistically expect from your internal staff or outside mobility partners, especially after year one, two and three and in crucial areas such as cost savings. We also share strategies to mitigate single-points-of-failure and tips for managing stakeholder expectations, so everybody wins.

Featured Guest

Ben Crees is Director of Client Experience at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. Based in the UK, he has over sixteen years of experience leading global teams and multi-disciplinary collaboration, delivering first-class services in dynamic and complex SaaS environments.

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