July 8, 2022

Is Change Really a Constant? The Role of Adaptation in Enterprise Software Development


Podcast Episode Description

For those managing a telecom or mobile environment, there seems to be an endless parade of new networks, services and applications to keep track of. Is the pace of technological change faster than ever - or just the way we’re using technology in the workplace?

Software development remains a big part of client experience and in making the work environment effective and efficient. In this episode, we talk about how software development has changed over the last decade and why adaptation for all IT roles is so critical due to the pace of change in telecom and technology.

Featured Guest

A web wizard, Matthew Black is Director of Software Development at vMOX and has an impressive 20 years in software development where he brought numerous commercial applications to market. He also holds certifications as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Scrum Professional Product Owner (CSP – PO).

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