August 24, 2022

Changes Shaping the Future of Enterprise Mobility and Business Intelligence


Podcast Episode Description

As economic trends cause budgets to be squeezed and organizations adjust to dispersed employees, IT and Procurement teams are looking to control spending, improve the user experience and create efficiencies. Many are turning to business intelligence and business analytics for the crucial information they need to do so.

However, the insights are only as good as the data analyzed. According to Gartner, "poor data quality destroys business value and is responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses."

Business intelligence, data and analytics has changed pretty significantly over the years from manual processes to more sophisticated and self-serve approaches. In this episode, we talk about the changes that are shaping the future of enterprise mobility and business intelligence, and how organizations can use the latest data analytics and reporting strategies to make better strategic and tactical business decisions.

Featured Guests

Paul Krauser is Director of Operations and Data Management at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. He has a history of developing new and optimizing existing processes to maximize service delivery, cost savings, and net revenue. Paul also has a Lean Six Sigma process management background.

Matthew Williamson is Director of Product Management at vMOX. A wireless expert and vMOX employee number one, Matt is an experienced product leader that has a knack for building high-quality, extremely impactful products that deliver tremendous value to our customers.

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