January 12, 2023

Using IT Event Correlation in Mobility Management


Podcast Episode Description

A typical company processes hundreds, if not thousands of events, each day. Connecting all your events, deciding which ones are the most important and drawing out actionable insights can challenging for teams. IT event correlation automates the process of analyzing events and identifies relationships between them to expose problems and reveal their root cause.

In this episode, we talk with Richard Siebels, vMOX Chief Technology Officer, about why it’s important for modern IT teams to strike a balance between data and storytelling, and how event correlation can be used to identify patterns and relationships in enterprise mobility data for improved decision-making. Learn how to be more proactive and go beyond basic data exchange and APIs.

Featured Guest

Richard Siebels is the Chief Technology Officer at vMOX. Richard has over 27 years of telecommunications, technology, operations and product development experience.

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