February 28, 2023

Data Privacy and Security in Enterprise Mobility: What IT Teams Need to Know

Podcast Episode Description

Maintaining data security and privacy is more important than ever. According to an IBM and Ponemon Institute report, the average cost of a data breach reached a new high of $4.35 million in 2022. With the rise in cyber threats, companies are looking for strategies that not only help them build trust with customers and employees, but protect their business and bottom line. However, the growing complexity of IT operations, including managing mobile assets within a "work-from-anywhere" model, and evolving privacy laws, can make it difficult to stay up to date and safe from cyberattacks and data leaks.
In this episode, we dig deeper into data protection and how it can bring business value. We explore common data protection challenges within telecom and the impact from recent regulatory changes. We also talk about how IT professionals can better protect privacy and get the balance right within their global corporate mobile environment.

Featured Guests

Ben Crees is Director of Client Experience at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. Based in the UK, he has over sixteen years of experience leading global teams and multi-disciplinary collaboration, delivering first-class services in dynamic and complex SaaS environments.

Jordan Gurevich is General Counsel at vMOX and supports the company's legal and strategic growth  initiatives  He has extensive corporate experience in legal departments of some of the world's most prominent global telco and IT companies .

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