April 5, 2023

How to Make a Killer Mobile Device Management Policy

Podcast Episode Description

No matter the industry, every company needs mobile device policies and procedures to operate effectively and successfully. Post-pandemic, the need is even more critical as enterprise mobility grows in complexity, the work from anywhere model becomes the norm and cyber attacks increase.
At a basic level, a mobile device management policy creates rules for how mobile devices are used and secured within your company. It plays an important role in making sure that your company is protected against data breaches, ballooning IT costs and a poor employee experience. 

In this episode, we break down the corporate mobile device management policy. Why it’s important for companies to establish mobile device rules to manage spend and reduce risk, and the common mistakes we have seen clients make when drafting policies. We’ll also chat about employee enforcement and how you can successfully globalize and scale when dealing with different country laws and cultures. 

Featured Guests

Ben Crees is Director of Client Experience at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. Based in the UK, he has over sixteen years of experience leading global teams and multi-disciplinary collaboration, delivering first-class services in dynamic and complex SaaS environments.

Paul Krauser is Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. He has a history of developing new and optimizing existing processes to maximize service delivery, cost savings, and net revenue.  Paul also has a Lean Six Sigma process management background.

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