December 14, 2022

Managing Enterprise Mobility Across Multiple Regions: Tips for Getting It Right

Podcast Episode Description
Companies have the freedom to hire people all over the world - and they continue to do so. As technology gets better and a virtual-first mindset becomes the norm, IT departments need to adapt and find ways to supercharge their capabilities with mobile management and support for users and devices worldwide. However, it's not always easy to get things right when different plan structures, regulations, carriers, and even culture make it more complicated. 

In this episode, we  talk about the biggest issues that IT faces when managing corporate mobile assets, expenses and services across continents and carriers. We share advice for those that are new to international mobility management and mistakes that every multinational should avoid when looking after their mobile devices and end users. 

Featured Guest

Ben Crees is Director of Client Experience at vMOX, and has almost two decades of telecom and mobility experience. Based in the UK, he has over sixteen years of experience leading global teams and multi-disciplinary collaboration, delivering first-class services in dynamic and complex SaaS environments.

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