March 30, 2021

March 2021 Product Release Update - Part 2

  • Lifecycle Management for Terminated Employees. This enhanced module is available to all customers with extended capabilities added for our logistics customers.

    • Customers can choose a management policy that best fits their organization. It will be processed daily to address non-canceled lines associated with terminated employees. All actions taken tie into our existing ticketing system where direct carrier integrations are leveraged to cancel, reassign, or suspend lines based on customer requirements. 

    • For logistics customers, this module also includes the ability to automatically generate return labels using either FedEx or UPS as their primary courier. Those shipping labels are delivered directly to the employee’s manager or assigned individual for packaging and return. Those labels are monitored for courier events and several device return reminders are sent to managers or assigned individuals. 

  • UPS Label Generation. We have extended our automated label generation offering to include UPS. The use of either FedEx or UPS is set at the customer level and is defined based on the preferred courier flag within the customer configuration.  

  • Upgraded OnePortal Checkout Experience. We’ve made some changes to improve the user shopping cart experience and cut out friction for a smoother and more seamless interaction. Those include:

    • Easy assignment of devices and line specifics provided on a single review page

    • Consolidation of related orders in one view for approval

    • Validation of employee assignment to avoid missing data

    • Change address feature which allows quick selection to all available locations

    • Simplified order process by deprecating split shipments

    • New order details view which brings all related orders into a single unified view, so managers know exactly what an employee is requesting

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortal.

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