August 16, 2022

There’s an Automation for That: 4 Overlooked Opportunities to Automate Enterprise Mobility

Most business have eagerly embraced advancements in mobile technology to enable their teams to do more, faster. But many are overlooking opportunities to gain similar cost-efficiencies through automating management of those technologies. Large and small businesses can benefit from automating some, if not all, of their enterprise mobility management on a local or global scale. Here are four ways automation can ease some of the mounting stress of enterprise mobility management.

1.     Ordering Mobile Devices and Services

Ordering mobility hardware and services becomes more complex every year. There are so many components and choices –with hardware, providers and plans– that mobility management can quickly become overwhelming.

Case in point: You can expect to deal with several suppliers when ordering or replacing one mobile phone. There’s likely a supplier for the hardware, a different one for the airtime, another for the SIM card, and yet another for the accessories. Multiply this complexity across many devices, perhaps across several providers (and across multiple countries in some cases), and the challenges of mobility management at scale become apparent.

When not managed appropriately or when mobility managers become overwhelmed, these layers of complexity breed errors and delays. Automating these processes through a centrally managed platform cuts down on ordering issues and provides a consistent user experience , which is essential to managing mobility at scale.

A partner like vMOX can manage the entire process backend, integrating with business systems like accounting, IT service (ISTM) and HR to provide the appropriate gadgets with the appropriate service at the appropriate time – via a one-stop-shop that looks the same to every user around the world.

2.     Loading and Auditing Invoices

A mobile device invoice can be enormous, with thousands of line items or even thousands of pages of call detail records (CDRs). Multiply that across multiple carriers and countries. That’s a lot of data!

An intelligent mobility management software solution can organize and analyze your invoice data through automated invoice loading, providing it back to you in digestible chunks for assessment. Among other data-driven benefits, automating invoice loading finds billing errors and gives you the confidence that you are being appropriately billed – and it does so almost instantly.

3.     Optimizing Spend

Knowing you’re being billed correctly – and correcting errors when you’re not – is a powerful way automation optimizes your mobility spend. The process also helps you identify other opportunities for spend optimization, like zero-usage devices and habitual overages.

Automated mobility management software also looks at plan optimization based on usage and ensures your devices and device features match your usage profiles. Underages and overages are the low-hanging fruit of mobility optimization, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in monthly spend.  

The key to optimization is to buy just the right amount – not too much and not too little – whether you have one device or a thousand. In larger companies, automation can help with pool optimization, where several devices draw from a pooled amount of minutes/data. Managing that pool and automatically adjusting in near-real-time can generate significant cost savings. 

4.     Helping Users

Leveraging automation for end-user service – or mobile help desk – is about creating the right balance between automated functionality and human touch and support. Many organizations overlook the opportunity to automate their help desk because they think they need to automate every aspect, and that’s simply not the case.

For example, using a chatbot to acknowledge requests and create trouble tickets might seem like a small thing, but it adds up quickly in terms of time savings and productivity. Additionally, it provides peace of mind to the user that their request has been received, even when the chatbot can’t provide instant answers and human interaction is needed.

The Big Picture
The most impactful benefit of mobility management automation is that it simultaneously addresses multiple cost centers, pain points and geographies. Ordering devices and services, loading and auditing invoices, optimizing spend and helping users can all benefit greatly from automation, delivering significant net, big-picture benefits, including:

  • Streamlined procedures

  • Increased accuracy

  • Cost-savings

  • Time-savings

  • Increased productivity

  • Less pressure on multiple departments

  • Reliable historical data

  • Informed and confident decision-making

  • Enhanced employee culture and morale

  • Peace of mind

Getting a big impact from automation is much easier than you might think when you tap into a company like vMOX with a mature platform and support team that can go to work on your behalf immediately.

Want to learn more about automating and optimizing your enterprise mobility program? Connect with a vMOX expert today.

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