May 6, 2022

2022 Corporate Wireless Trends - Second Quarter Update

An Inside Look at Corporate Wireless Trends

Your ability to respond to fluctuations and growth areas in the wireless market ties directly to your up-to-date knowledge of the landscape. In this infographic, vMOX provides current insight into wireless trends based on a thorough analysis of corporate mobile bills from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022.

So, what did we observe?

Across all industries, there was a 10% drop in average data usage for smartphones and tablets which continue to make up more than 80% of corporate environments.

The percentage of international travelers remained steady quarter to quarter, an indication that travel is here to stay, and customers should expect to see a slight uptick in telecom spend as a result. A possible indication of the enterprise companies finally rebounding from the two-year pandemic.

However, one surprise was the shift in device type purchases. In Q1 2022, a sizeable shift was seen in the number of iOS purchases versus Android purchases, a clear indication of Apple’s focus on delivering to enterprise mobility clients and offering aggressive price points for their equipment.

Retail mobility environments saw another increase in tablet penetration, which aligns with customer feedback that tablets are here to stay and provide a fast and dynamic way for their employees to interact with their customer without being tied to a workstation.  

Want To See Even More Trends? Get Bonus Industry Spotlights

To see where you stack up against your peers in Q4 2021 through Q1 2022 across a number of different vertical industries, such as Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Retail, check out the industry spotlight infographics here.



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